Fans Kepler reflects on Pepe’s first months at Beşiktaş

Updated: November 24, 2017

After a decade filled with success, Pepe said goodbye to Real Madrid. Clubs from many countries wanted him: France, Italy, England… but ultimately, in a surprising turn of events, he chose an unexpected destination: Turkey.

Pepe needed little time to establish himself as a leader in the Beşiktaş squad and has helped the team to several impressive Champions League victories already.

When rumours concerning Beşiktaş first appeared, Beşiktaş fans started sending him messages with the now famous slogan ‘Come to Beşiktaş’. I had never seen anything like this before, it’s amazing how fans can influence and create a movement like that on social media. Pepe’s arrival  in  Turkey didn´t leave anyone indifferent either, thousands of fans went to the airport at four in the morning. From that moment I realized what Beşiktaş means. Beşiktaş are not just any club, they are more than that. It’s amazing the passion with which their fans live football, in Spain it’s impossible to see something like that and I think that was the key for Pepe to sign for Beşiktaş. On many occassions Pepe has spoken about how much he loves Vodafone Park’s atmosphere, for me it’s impressive that you are cheering your team for 90 minutes, no matter what happens. Now I understand why Beşiktaş fans are considered as one of the best fans in the world. I find Turkish football culture to be simply amazing.

When Pepe arrived at Beşiktaş he promised something: he would give everything for this club. And of course he is doing exactly that. This season, Beşiktaş have surprised Europe, qualifying for the knockout staged of the Champions League for the first time in their history, as group winners no less. One of their keys to this success was an impenetrable defence, with Pepe as their leader. Now Beşiktaş are more renowned in Europe and this is very good for Turkish football, because it still lacks exposure. I’m Spanish and nowadays Beşiktaş are often spoken about in the press here, something they never did before.

Pepe posing for a picture with his number one fan Paula.

Pepe is also having a crucial role in the Süper Lig. I have to admit I’m surprised about this league. As many people know, I started watching it because of Pepe and I never imagined it would have such a high level. The teams are very competitive, everything can happen. It’s a league where the strikers score a lot of goals and for a defender it’s very difficult but Pepe is doing great. He’s always impeccable in his defending. He is capable of handling the strikers to a great extent. The best thing about his gameplay is his positioning and strength. His commanding display at the back shows why he is one of the best defenders in the world. This season Pepe played almost all the games and he has shown that age is just a number. He’s in a high level as he always was. You can love or hate him, but there are no doubts about the fact that he is a winner.

I am sure Beşiktaş will achieve many great things this season, you are showing that work, effort and humility are the basis of success. A team doesn’t need to have the most expensive players to be the best team. The league is long, and if you continue in this way, you will be champions once more. As you say: İyi günde, kötü günde; en büyük Beşiktaş!


Paula ~ Fans Kepler


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