The Black Eagles Podcast – Episode 5 (June 10th, 2018) – World Cup Preview 1/2 (guest Jan Hagen talks about Portugal’s squad) & Turkish NT review/scouting

Updated: June 10, 2018

Episode 5 – June 10th, 2018



Guest Jan Hagen (@PortuBall) is interviewed by Kaan about everything Beşiktaş-related with this year’s Portugal NT entry. They also look at some things ‘Beşiktaş-adjacent,’ and go off into a few other things – a real deep-dive into the world of Portuguese football.

We’re just doig our community service here at the Black Eagles Podcast – making sure you listeners are as knowledgable about the squad that our two biggest players in the world cup play for (Quaresma and Pepe) as possible.

Hosted by Sinan while Kaan is out on assignment interviewing our world cup preview guests. Interview of Jan Hagen conducted by Kaan.

We also quickly recap the latest Turkish NT offerings and look at our guy there (Oğuzhan) and some of the guys on that team that we’re potentially looking to bring in to our squad this summer (?)

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