Beşiktaş accept €8m bid for Ricardo Quaresma from China!

Updated: July 21, 2018

Beşiktaş have accepted an €8m bid from China for their Portuguese wizard Ricardo Quaresma according to beIN SPORTS.

The news of a potential Ricardo Quaresma exit broke yesterday already as beIN SPORTS pundit Gürler Akgün stated that “it is only a matter of time before Ricardo Quaresma is wearing a jersey in China” and rumours have been continuing to pile on since.

Firat Günayer of TRT Spor had already confirmed earlier today that Beşiktaş had received an €8m bid for the near 35-year old Quaresma, while the player himself was being offered an 8m USD annually for 3 years. Günayer continued that should Quaresma give the go ahead, Beşiktaş will accept the €8m bid..

Earlier this summer, before the World Cup, Quaresma had stated in the Portuguese press that he wasn’t interested in chasing money again “been there, done that”. So whether Quaresma will accept the astronomical offer from China remains to be seen.


Note: the transfer window in China and the Chinese Super League has closed on the 13th of July, however Chinese second division teams are still allowed to make a single transfer for a limited time only.

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