Firat Günayer: “If Beşiktaş sell Vida, they will buy Aboubakar”

Updated: July 23, 2018

TRT Spor’s Beşiktaş reporter Firat Günayer took to Twitter tonight and shone his light on the current transfer situation at the club.

Fabri and his potential replacements

He revealed that, while Fabri was keen on his move to Fulham, he pushed the English club to paying a fair transfer fee as they started off with a significantly lower offer than they ended up paying.

On his potential replacements he said that David Ospina, while on the list, is a very difficult transfer. As he earns net €3m per season and that it would only be possible for Beşiktaş to sign him if Arsenal were willing to cover part of his wages, therefore unlikely.

He spoke about Harun Tekin and how Beşiktaş would not be willing to pay a high transfer fee, he also said that Harun was probably not the main target and that Senol Günes was pleased with both Tolga and Utku’s performance at the pre-season camps.

Ricardo Quaresma’s potential departure

Firat wrote that the offer Beşiktaş received for Ricardo Quaresma was indeed for €8m, however it was not an official bid tabled by a club. Instead the offer came through managers. Firat wrote that Beşiktaş have taken a stance in that matter of ‘we won’t stop Quaresma from leaving but we won’t force him towards the door either’. Stating that should Quaresma accept the lucrative €8m/year offer from China, they won’t stand in his way.

Atiba Hutchinson’s contract situation

As for Atiba’s contract status, not much new was revealed. He confirmed that Beşiktaş had offered him an extension for €750k as they’re trying to downsize their wage bill. While Atiba allegedly wants €1,2-1,3m. Which is why the negotations are stalling.

Alvaro Negredo

The offer (from Al Hilal) for Alvaro Negredo has also come through managers. Beşiktaş want to offload his wages (€4,3m) so they aren’t too particular regarding this transfer. They just want to get rid of his wages.

Domagoj Vida’s transfer situation

Initially Beşiktaş weren’t in the strongest position while negotiating with potential suitors for Domagoj Vida. These clubs knew that Beşiktaş needed to sell Vida due to his high wages and for them to make incoming transfers. However with the sale of Tosic, Mitrovic and now Fabri Beşiktaş have €14m in the bank and are in a much stronger position.

Firat confirms that Beşiktaş have atleast a €20m offer on the table for Domagoj Vida, but the goal is to get atleast €25m for him.

Burak Yilmaz back on the agenda

Firat reveals that Burak Yilmaz has come back on the agenda, due to Senol Günes insisting on him still. However, with Burak’s recent surgery and injury status it depends greatly on how quickly and how well he recovers before Beşiktaş will press on with this transfer.

Number one target

Due to all the names being put out there by managers and agents, Firat says that he will only talk about players of which he has received confirmation from his sources within the club that they are actually on the agenda.

As such, he can confirm that Beşiktaş are actively pursuing Belgian International Nacer Chadli of West Brom.

Firat says that Chadli is currently Beşiktaş’ number one target. Whether it’s for his natural role as a left winger or as the much needed 10 he did not specify.

Return of the Aboubakar?

While Firat burst everyone’s bubble a few weeks ago when the news of a potential agreement between Beşiktaş and FC Porto over Vincent Aboubakar first came out. He is now happy to report that Beşiktaş are still actively pursuing him.

First the sentiment within the club was to wait until the final days of the transfer window and still try to bring Aboubaakr in on loan.

However, Firat claims to have learned that as soon as Domagoj Vida is sold Beşiktaş plan to knock on Porto’s door and purchase Aboubakar outright with the money earned on the Vida transfer. (Aboubakar’s price is said to be €20m)

Orkan Kökçu

And finally the much talked about Feyenoord youngster Orkun Kokçu, someone Beşiktaş was reportedly very close to signing. Over the last two days it had been said that this transfer broke down due to Senol Günes vetoing the move. But now Firat said that the deal broke down because Orkun was allegedly asking for a €750k per season deal.

Due to similar transfers with Kerim Frei and Oguzhan Aydogan in recent history not working out, young players that got similarly high wages, the board has become cautious on handing out such big contracts to young players.


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