Beşiktaş to sign Umut Nayir on €250k deal from Osmanlispor

Updated: July 26, 2018

Beşiktaş have agreed on a e250k compensation fee to be paid to Osmanlispor for the signing of 25-year old Turkish striker Umut Nayir.

Umut Nayir had committed a single-sided contract termination earlier this Summer ont he grounds of Osmanlispor repeatedly loaning him out. Osmanlispor were unhappy with this istuation and threatened legal action against the player if any club were to sign him. But Beşiktaş have now come to an understanding with the Anakra based club and will pay them a €250k compensation fee in exchange for them not taking any legal action against the player (which could potentially lead to his player license being suspended).

Umut Nayir will sign a 4-year deal with the Black Eagles worth 1.75m Turkish Lira per season, at the current exchange rate that is roughly €300k per season.


Note: Due to the low expendatures of this transfer it will likely not get directly disclosed to KAP.


Source: HABER1903

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