Önder Özen adresses transfers and more.

Updated: July 1, 2014

Director of Football Önder Özen made several interesting public statements today, the following is a summary of what he had to say.

Önder Özen on our transfer plans, policies and more:

“We definatly need a central defender, a number 10 (playmaker), a forward and a right winger. We’re expecting an answer from a forward on Thursday (likely Mitroglou).

The buyout clause included in Ramon Motta’s loan deal was for € 2.500.000 but we managed to negotiate that down to € 1.100.000, yes we took a while but we saved ourselves € 1.400.000 by being patient.

People want us to buy players, but should we take them at any cost? We need balance our income and expenses and then see what we can afford.

Those people would say today “Bravo, president for getting Manuel Lanzini!” but then come the financial congress those same people would say: “President, what’s up with this financial missmanagement?”.

We’ve put in a very good bid on Manuel Lanzini to his club River Plate, if they accept our offer we will sign the player, if they do not accept than we will have to stop negotiations.

The political situation in Ukraine is constantly changing, right now it looks as if it will be possible again to play football there, nder those circumstances it will be difficult to sign Rodrigo Moledo.

We’re interested in getting someone for the rightback position, however as I’ve said before we have other positions which will need to be filled in first.

We may not be able to get Rodrigo Moledo, but we have alternatives one of which is Yalçin Ayhan.

Appointing Slaven Bilic as our head coach, he was my choice, I wanted to work with him. We believe that we can improve uppon our performances of last season, we talked for 10 hours when the season was over, talking about how we could improve. We’ve had our disagreements about transfers and other things, but we have a good working relationship.

The players that Bilic wants to work with are currently in the training camp. Sezer, Gökhan Süzen, Toraman, Eneramo are the decisions of the technical staff. (not to take them)

We intended to continue with Gökhan Töre, but there are some complications regarding his transfer as you all know. If we can agree the right terms we can make it happen.

At the end of October/start of November we’ll be sending one of our players to KSV Roeselare (Musa Muhammed). At the end of our training camp it’s possible some other players will join them.

It is the intention that our feeder club in Brazil will be buying players cheaply (€ 50.000-100.000), transfers we will fund and in turn if they pan out we will be able to transfer them to us for free.

We’ll be playing a friendly tournament on the 8th-9th of August with Fenerbahçe and Chelsea [for the victims of the Soma mine disaster], a fourth club could possibly be added to the this tournament.”

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