Beşiktaş signing ceremony of all the new transfers

Updated: September 4, 2014

Beşiktaş’s new Transfers; Demba Ba , José Ernesto Sosa, Gökhan Töre, Cenk Tosun and Ramon Motta, were given a signing ceremony today at the BJK Nevzat Demir complex.


Club president Fikret Orman was the first to speak:

Our Aim is to become Champions

“Today we have assembled here to have a signing ceremony for the new transfers in front of the press. Until now my Friends and I have worked hard to benefit from the new signings as much as possible. Some transfer negotiations dragged on longer than planned, however we were trying to get the best out of the signings for the benefit of Besiktas. We came a long way from last year, signed sponsorship deals with important brands. Unfortunately our VolleyBall branch does not yet have a sponsor, but we will arrange something next week. Our BasketBall team has two sponsors. Other ongoing branches also have sponsors. This is a first in the History of the Beşiktaş. All our branches will have sponsors. The new stadium project, that all Beşiktaş supporters have been waiting for, will come to life soon. We started the season with an away win. All our aim will be to finish the league as champions. Our Valuable Brothers (Gokhan Tore, Demba Ba, Ramon Motta, Jose Sosa, Cenk Tosun) will serve Beşiktaş for 3-4 years under the Besiktas jersey. Besiktas’s jersey is very important.” said Chairman Fikret Orman.


In Demba Ba we trust

“Negotiations for Demba Ba dragged on for a long time. however during this time Chelsea FC and the club’s CEO helped us. I wish the best for it. We believe in him a lot. His character and stance suit the morales that Beşiktaş consists of.” said chairman Fikret Orman

Mansimov aided us with José Sosa’s transfer

“Sosa is a very valuable player. We’ve had very long lasting meetings. My good friend and a very good supporter of Beşiktaş, Mansimov has aided me with the negotiations, therefore I thank him very much. I wish the best for Sosa” said Chairman Fikret Orman

Motta really wanted to stay as a Beşiktaş player

“Motta was with us last year, he really wanted to stay at Beşiktaş. We also wanted him to stay and he is a well liked player by the club’s fans. We believe he will serve Beşiktaş a long time, thats why we transferred him.” said Chairman Fikret Orman

Character Appraisal for Cenk Tosun

“I wanted to specifically thank Cenk’s Mother and Father. Cenk is a very good supporter of Beşiktaş. He showed us how to be a real man with his stance. Even though we signed him (Janurary 2014) he went and played brilliantly for his old team and then came here.” said Chairman Fikret Orman

The President of Tatarstan aided us with this transfer

“We faced a lot of difficulties with the Gökhan Töre transfer. We really wanted it to happen. However there was a problem concerning his transfer fee. It was hard to deal with that. Truthfully the president of Tatarstan helped out. Moreover Rubin Kazan’s Turkish representatives gave us the support we needed.” said Chairman Fikret Orman

I Managed 90% of the Transfers

“This is mine and the administration’s job. I would like to thank our staff on behalf of the club for helping out with the transfers. At times we had to convince each other on some areas. I managed 90% of the transfers with the help of other members of the Beşiktaş community.” said Chairman Fikret Orman

Linnes’s Transfer

“When people witness a completed transfer, they keep on asking for another. This is very normal. Linnes is a player we are interested in. His club is playing for the championship spot, therefore they did not want to lose any players. This transfer was managed by Ahmet Nur Cebi. He had come a long way. They decided to not sell their player because of the hopes of the championship spot. the 24 players currently playing for Beşiktaş, will be able to compete in all three competitions. I hope this will be a very good season for us.” said Chairman Fikret Orman

After the chairman’s speech, the new players gave  a short speech each and answered the questions from the press


“Im very happy right now, it was a long negotiation process. I have come here with high hopes. Since I heard that Beşiktaş was interested in me, I wanted to come here and play for Beşiktaş as fast as possible.” said Sosa.

“I was happy to learn that Beşiktaş wanted me, back home in Argentina the supporters are very passionate as they are at Beşiktaş, I cannot wait to play in front of the best supporters in the world.” said Sosa.

“I realise the size of the club I’ve come to, I will work very hard for the benefit of the club.” said Sosa.

“A.Madrid was interested in signing me, I had to make a choice and I chose Beşiktaş. Apart form Arda Turan I talked to other friends of mine. They told me beautiful things about Turkey and Beşiktaş.” said Sosa.

“Since the start of my football career, I’ve always played as a Creative Attacking Midfielder (Number 10). As modern football developed I learned to play on the wings. However my first choice would be the number 10 position.” said Sosa.

Demba BA

“Being here is very important for me, this club and its colours is an honour for me. We came here to win. I believe that my friends and I will accomplish a lot for this club”. said Ba.

“Being here was one of my priorities. If I had been transferred to any other team I would not have the feelings that I have right now. This is one of the main reasons I chose Beşiktaş.” said Ba.

In responce to the rumours of his ‘chorincal injury’ Demba Ba had the following to say: “I recommend to whom ever said this to watch my past matches for the past four or fives years and see the number of games I played and the number of goals I scored, and then let them sit and think about what they said.”.

“In Modern football it is important to manage goal scoring along side team defending. The number of players are not important, whats important is the balance between the players as a team.” said Ba.

Ramon de Moraes MOTTA

“Since the day I first arrived I’ve always stated that I want to stay here. I want to play for Beşiktaş for many years.” said Motta

“I found myself at Beşiktaş, my teammates helped me out a lot. The friendship within the team reflects onto the pitch. This year we will become champions. The time for the championship has arrived” said Motta.

Gökhan TÖRE

“First of all I would like to thank the Beşiktaş community, I’m glad to be here again.” said Gökhan.

“Beşiktaş is a massive club, everyone across the world has heard of the Beşiktaş supporters. During a match the Beşiktaş supporters make us feel their presence by the chants and applauses they do for us. That’s why since the first day I arrived I have felt this presence. I’m Happy to play in front of the Beşiktaş supporters.” said Gökhan.


“I am also very happy, I would like to thank chairman Fikret Orman, vice-Chairman Ahmet Nur Cebi and our coach Slaven Bilic for the chance that they presented to me. I came here to win cups and championships hopefully this will come true. Hopefully we will accomplish great things.” said Cenk.

“Since the first day I arrived I’ve been getting nice messages. I would like to thank everyone. Our supporters are very important for us. This year we are going to need them a lot. Gaining a championship during the Süleyman Seba Season will be a great honour for us. Even though Mersin’s pitch was in a bad condition, the support from our fans motivated us to win the game. I hope they will carry on the support” said Cenk Tosun.



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