Calimbay’s Comment on Gunay Guvenc: “The situation is misunderstood”

Updated: September 8, 2014

Besiktas goalkeeper Günay Güvenç, who was loaned to Riza Calimbay’s Mersin Idmanyurdu a couple of weeks ago, has returned to the club after agreeing with Mersin to terminate his loandeal prematurely. After the termination of his loan deal the media started speculating that Besiktas would be unwilling to loan players to a club coached by their former captain Riza Calimbay in the future. However Riza Calimbay issued a statement to Haber1903 claiming that the rumors in the media do not reflect reality.

I Spoke with Fikret Orman

After the rumours spread Calimbay claimed to have met with Besiktas Chairman Fikret Orman: “I just spoke with Fikret Orman about the rumours surrounding the fact that Besiktas will not loan any players to Riza Calimbay’s team, He told me that such a thing would be impossible, and he will be giving a statement on the matter very soon”.

The story has been misunderstood by the media

I will never loan a player with the guarantee that he will play; “We weren’t the ones who told Gunay to leave. He (Gunay) left with his own will. We never said ‘leave’. Why should we send a player that we just got? we were going to use him in the future. Moreover, not just me, but no coach will guaranty a player to always play. If I were to get any other player from Besiktas, I still would not give him a guarantee to play. I have a very different relationship with Besiktas. The issue with Gunay Guvenc has been altered in the media, he came up to me and said: “I want to leave”. We had on going negotiations with another goalkeeper, after Gunay asked to be let go, we came to an agreement with the other goalkeeper. We aim to carry on with a Turkish national keeper. No coach in the world will keep a player who wants to leave. Therefore, we really should be talking about Gunay’s attitude then anything else. If Besiktas sends you to another team on loan, then you have to work hard and earn your place in the team.” said Riza Calimbay


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