Transfer Criticism from Rasim Kara

Updated: September 9, 2014

Former Beşiktaş coach Rasim Kara spoke to Haber1903 regarding the past transfer window. A few days after the transfer deadline where everybody was waiting for a right back until the last minute, Beşiktaş won the first game of the season away at Mersin on a dreadful pitch despite not playing a nice football. Earlier same week, Beşiktaş was eliminated by Arsenal 1-0 on aggregate despite playing above expectations. So, Beşiktaş started Süper Lig with 3 points, and will continue the european adventure in Europa League instead of Champions League. Haber1903 made an interview with Rasim Kara (former Beşiktaş player and manager) about this eventful week.

We Overestimated Them (Arsenal)

Rasim Kara stated the elimination against Arsenal was caused by psychological factors: “I am still not over the Arsenal game. I do not accept any excuses. We overestimated Arsenal. Beşiktaş could have won both games easily. It does not make sense to blow the opposition out of proportion. Excessive stress might be a reason why we could not score. Those are psychological factors.”

Strategic Plans

Kara told there was a mistake in transfer planning: “Before this season started; the chairman and the board were the same (as last season), the coach and his staff were also the same. The players to leave were obvious and it was also obvious to which positions the transfers were going to be made. In this situation two strikers were signed but the no.10 transfer was too late. A right back never arrived. I think we could have eliminated Arsenal if those transfers were signed in due time, so were eligible to play against them. Those happened because there was no strategic planning done. Beşiktaş lost both monetarily and notionally after getting left out of the Champions League by losing the Arsenal game. It is like telling Galatasaray to take the money and run (~2.8 million Euros from the CL market pool). We are leaving the Champions League where every goal scored means money and going to the Europa League.

Road to Championship

Rasim Kara also spoke about the long Süper Lig marathon: “The league break for Euro qualifiers is a good opportunity for Sosa to familiarize with the team. The Mersin game was played on a horrible pitch. Beşiktaş was bad in the first half and could only find chances in the second half. It is an advantage to take the 3 points out of that pitch and make a good start to the league. That advantage needs to be put to good use. It is evident that other teams competing for the first place are having issues themselves. No points should be lost in the first weeks. That would be an advantage in the long run.” He ended the interview emphasizing his belief that Beşiktaş is going to have a good season. (Haber1903)