Tottenham Hotspur: 1 Beşiktaş: 1

Updated: October 3, 2014

Beşiktaş came face to face with English side, Tottenham Hotspur, in matchday 2 of the UEFA Europa League. Both teams started the match with a point each from their previous fixture and were looking for breathing space in the group with a win and 3 points.

The match started with Tottenham’s kick off and pressure from Beşiktaş. The pressure could’ve payed off very early on in the 2nd minute as Olcay Şahan was able to find a clear shooting opportunity just outside of the box facing the goal, but his shot went just wide. Beşiktaş was able to find another chance in the 12th minute after Olcay’s cross to Demba Ba in the box. Ba couldn’t control the ball, but he was able to regain possesion and took a thunderous shot with a Spurs defender in front of him, which hit the post. Beşiktaş looked to be in control of the match and were looking like they would be scoring soon, but it was Tottenham who took the lead in the 27th minute thanks to a nice driven shot outside of the box to the far post by youngster Harry Kane. Later on, Beşiktaş tried to increase their pressure to find an equalizer and they were able to find a perfect opportunity to do so with Olcay Şahan in the 32nd minute, but his shot from from close range inside the box was beautifully saved by Lloris at the last second. While Beşiktaş was searching for the equalizer, Tottenham found a chance with Harry Kane in the 37th minute. He recieved a nice pass from Townsend and he took a powerful shot inside the box, but it was saved nicely by Tolga Zengin. There was no more goals and the first half ended 1-0 to Spurs.

The second half began with Beşiktaş ambitious to find an equalizer. The first clear cut chance for Beşiktaş came in the 56th minute after Ba was able to get past one Tottenham defender and pass the ball to his left to Olcay, who took a shot with his left foot entering the box, to be saved yet again by Hugo Lloris. Up next is one of the most memorable chances of the night, which occured in the 64th minute. Sosa crossed the ball into the box from the right to Olcay, who went up and pulled off a bicycle kick, but his shot went just wide. It would’ve been a goal that would’ve never been forgotten if it was to go in. Tottenham was able to find a chance in the 70th minute after subsitute Lennon was able to find an open Harry Kane in the box. Kane controlled the ball, took his time and let off another strong shot, but it was saved by Tolga. The match could’ve ended there if Kane was to score. Another one of Beşiktaş’ chances came in the 75th minute thanks to a beautiful long ball by Oğuzhan Özyakup to Ba who was making a run into the box. Ba was able to bring the ball down and take his shot from close range, but his shot was saved by Lloris’ fingertips. The 88th minute had came and it was looking like Tottenham was going to take the 3 points, but luck was finally on Beşiktaş’ side. Sosa sent a long ball towards Pektemek, who was just outside the box, and it was looking like Chiriches was going to clear it, but he fluffed the clearance resulting in the ball coming to Pektemek, who was going to be one on one with the keeper, but out of nowhere Chiriches decided to just poke the ball inside the box with his hand out of Mustafa’s path and into his own. This action resulted in a penalty in the 88th minute. Demba Ba was the one to take the penalty and he was able to convert it calmly and equalize the game. There wasn’t any other chances for both teams in the remainder of the match and the match ended 1-1.


To sum it all up, Beşiktaş put on a good display in London and looked to have deserved a win. They had 24 shots while Tottenham only had 9. The referee was absolutely terrific in this match and made very good decisions.

Both teams increased their point tally to 2 at the end of matchday 2. The other match in the group ended up with Asteras Tripolis winning at home 2-0 against Partizan and increasing their point tally to 4, while Partizan remained at 1. Beşiktaş is 2nd in the group, while Asteras is 1st, Tottenham is 3rd and Partizan is 4th.

Beşiktaş will travel away to play Partizan in their next fixture, while Tottenham hosts Asteras at home. These matches will be played on the 23rd.


Stadium: White Hart Lane

Officials: Manuel Grafe, Guido Kleve, Christoph Bornhorst

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris, Dier, Chiriches, Fazio, Davies, Stambouli (65′ Dembele), Bentaleb, Paulinho (60′ Lennon), Townsend, Kane, Soldado (79′ Adebayor).

Beşiktaş: Tolga, Serdar, Sivok, Franco, Motta, Veli (65′ Özyakup), Atiba, Sosa, Olcay (72′ Pektemek), Töre (82′ Kerim), Ba.

Goals: Kane (27′) & Ba (89′)

Yellow Cards: Ba (6′), Davies (7′), Bentaleb (47′), Fazio (50′), Chiriches (88′)


Slaven Bilic:

”Draws that came at this stadium (for the away team) may be pleasing for most teams, but I wished that the referee would’ve showed 5 minutes of extra time instead of 3. We weren’t happy. We were the better side. We perhaps played the best match of the season. If we could possess a convenient pitch at home, we could implement this game frequently. We continued to make passes even though we fell behind. We deserved to get a point. We’re going to play twice with Partizan. We’re in the race. The outcome of the group will be evident after matchday 4. After the result last night (Arsenal 4-1 Galatasaray), we put forward a game for Turkish football to be proud of. ”

Olcay Şahan:

”I missed 4 clear cut chances, I’m very sad. I congratulate my friends, they played amazing. We could’ve left here with a large margin victory. Turkish teams can achieve big success in Europe, we showed this with the game that we played. Our coach analyzed our opponent very well. The pitch was nice as well. We displayed our quality.”

Demba Ba:

”We showed a good performance. I congratulate our fans, who gave us big support here. If we lost, our job would’ve been harder in the group. Fortunately, we got a point and we’re still in the race. We didn’t have problems with finishing. The goalkeeper played outstanding. We did our best.”


Mauricio Pochettino:

Harry Kane:

Hugo Lloris:

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