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Updated: October 9, 2014

Being a Beşiktaş fan or a Beşiktaş player has always been hard. The things we have been through in our history aren’t easy, but at the same time it is what makes every Beşiktaş fan proud. It’s not just about following your team but it’s a way of life, Beşiktaş have always been the justice fighter, being a Beşiktaş fan or player required you to have integrity and you were always left alone fighting against everything.

Looking at the media right now we see a scene that every wintered Beşiktaş fan is used to seeing. Since we are on top of the table now and play arguably the best football in Turkey (when we get the chance to play on a propper pitch), everyday something new comes up to destroy the motivation of the players and the fans. The Trabzonspor side trying to talk down Beşiktaş by saying we are winning points with the referees ‘help’.

Based on one red card position, which admittadly should’ve been a red card for Ersan Gülüm against Balikesir. But perhaps clubs should look at themselves first before pointing their finger. Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray and Trabzonspor have all had very questionable penalties already this early on in the season, Galatasaray has already had two offside goals being allowed yet the Eagles had three 100% penalties not called in their home game against Caykur Rizespor. So for people to say the referee’s are helping is just obnoxious and rediculous, perhaps these people should watch full games first before they start talking.

Istanbul Basaksehir decided  that we can not play at their stadium because ‘the field can’t host two teams’, I guess that shows that we are doing something right for them not to want to help us?

Basaksehir have a brand new stadium and only have the Turkish league to play for, yet their pitch woudln’t be able to handle to host two teams? Atleast Galatasaray is playing in Europe and they have had pitch issues of their own since the completion of the Türk Telekom Arena. And Fenerbahçe graciously offered for us to come play in their stadium, yet when we took them up on their offer they came up with an excuse and retracted their offer to host our home games.

In other countries we see clubs like Inter Milan and AC Milan share the same stadium, both teams regulary play European football aswell yet they can seem to make it work without any problems.

Ironically both Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe played at Inönü in the ’80s and prior to that but apparantly they’ve already forgotten about that.

The interview with Hakan Calhanoglu’s father on the supposed Gökhan Töre incident coming up again after more than a year? Sure, it’s understandable that Calhanoglu’s father isn’t happy about what he’s heard, but this situation had been adressed months ago already. Ironically when it was put out in the media it was already ‘3 months old’ and they put it out in the media just as the Black Eagles were in the middle of an important battle with Galatasaray for the second place which granted direct access to the UEFA Champions League (big money).

And now again, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Galatasaray especially are playing rubbish and Fenerbahçe aren’t exactly firing on all cilinders yet either. And all of a sudden this news comes up again, and the media make it seem as if it happend last week or something. Even international media outlets are picking up this news. And Gökhan getting shot in a club last year by a wayward bullet (something he had absolutely nothing to do with) is being abused further to discredit him in the public opinion. They’re trying to make him out to be some sort of a gangster or something, knowing very well that he’s a key player for Beşiktaş. I wonder if Fenerbahçe or Galatasaray had signed him this summer rather than Beşiktaş if this news would have been rehashed again.

Don’t get me wrong, if what is said is true then Gökhan should’ve gotten a suspension from national team coach Fatih Terim last year and there is definitely something to this story, however at the same time without trying to justify what supposedly happend, something like this doesn’t happen without a reason. And it’s up to Fatih Terim to adress this internally. If Hakan Calhanoglu’s father wants to adress this he should take it up with Fatih Terim not with the Turkish or German media.

After the game in England against Tottenham, and the previously played games with Arsenal and Feyenord, Besiktas showed everyone what they are capable of when playing on a decent pitch and that they are an extremely difficult side to beat. Coming back from that hard away game and taking charge of the league put some fear in others which led to these cheap games to pull the team down. We have seen this before several times and we know that we have to fight alone against all these speculations while we try to stay competitive in both the league and the Europa League.

We don’t have a stadium this season, nor did we last season due to the construction of our new Vodafone Arena, the Olimpiyat stadium’s pitch and location are a disaster and in the whole of Istanbul there isn’t a single club willing to accomodate us. The more we stay on top, the more we will see rumors about our players. The more points we get, the more fear rivals will get. We know what’s going to happen but we also know that when the fans and the team unite no one can stop us.

There is still a long way to go untill the end the of the season with some silverware, but it seems that our current form and display has already provoked these types of negativity in the media and lack of solidarity.


Beşiktaş International editorial by Emre Hastürk

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