Slaven Bilic addresses Gökhan Töre, right back, championship and more.

Updated: October 10, 2014

Beşiktaş coach, Slaven Bilic, was a guest on Lig TV yesterday and he answered many questions that people were wondering about. Here’s what he had to say about various topics;

”I learned about Fatih Terim’s comments (concerning Gökhan Töre) during practice today. I don’t know what’s going on, but the things that are being said (about Gökhan’s incident) is like a movie script. Gökhan is a very emotional person. He plays with his emotions. The club and I are of course going to be behind him. We’re not going to oppose him by listening to the rumors. The club and I will react after we have the necessary conversations. Gökhan needs to know that we’re behind him. Fatih Terim is an expert of a coach. He knows what to do and he’s a coach that knows how to deal with these problems. I believe that he’s going to solve this topic.”

”Everything’s possible in football, but having two big tasks (being the coach of a club and national team) at the same time is difficult. One time, I got an offer from a big club when I was in charge of the Croatian National Team. However, permission from the Federation wasn’t granted, but having such big two responsibilites is difficult in my opinion. I didn’t do it.”

”When I describe Turkey to my friends and family, I can see that fans and people know football and that the dedication between the fans is quite big. I don’t understand how the stands don’t fill up. I don’t know if this is because of the weather condition or Passolig, but the stands are empty.”

”It’s always possible to do better. When we came, we made a 3 year plan and the end of the road was the league championship. We’re in the middle of the 2nd year and I can say that our plan is progressing well. We have not yet succeeded, but I think that we’re close. We’re leaders in the league and we played good football against Europe’s big teams. This pleases me a lot. We got rid of our needs within the team and we’re playing more collectively. We’re going to be even better when the players within the team get rid of their needs and improve themselves.”

”(About extending his contract). We have a good relationship with the chairman and the board here. At present, I already have a contract. When the time comes, we’re going to talk about this, but not on television of course. We’re concentrated on this season at the moment. Everybody knows that I’m very happy here. My assistant coaches are very happy here as well. The time for the coaches in Turkey are shorter compared to other European clubs. There’s less patience. However, it happens in Germany as well as Hamburg and Schalke sacked their coaches in the recent days. Of course you can’t get a contract if there isn’t success and good results. However, if you continue with these concerns, your energy to be successful could finish. The coach must first concentrate on their job.”

”First of all, I can say this as a coach who’s in charge of a big club; We rarely make changes according to the opponent. Of course we analyze the opponent, but a formation according to an opponent is very rare. Every player has their own features and tasks. These could change according to the opponent, but without disrupting the team integrity. Like the English say, ”Never change a winning team.” We’re going through a good season. Our players went through quite a good preparation period and their performances are high. I think that Olcay played very well in the Tottenham match. He didn’t score a goal, but he got into 4 clear chances and this is important for me. Kerim playing for Olcay in Balıkesir is completely because of rotation. I like Kerim’s training performance. So for this reason, I didn’t worry when I made this change to the lineup. We have a balanced squad and we can make these types of changes with ease.”

”Mustafa Pektemek is a player who contributed to all of last season. Mustafa showed a good performance at the beginning of last season. He went through a small injury, but he returned to the team. He was getting 20 to 25 minutes of playing time in the games. He is one of the best professionals that I’ve ever seen. His only problem is excitement. We’re overcoming that slowly. Mustafa is one of the team’s best characters. He was a lot of help to us in the period that Demba Ba wasn’t on the team and now he has big contributions to the team. It’ll continue as well. Mustafa deserved this chance by himself and he’s using it.”

”We tried to transfer a player for the right back position and we’re still trying to. We’re thinking about a transfer for that position.”

”Everybody is saying that our team is scoring a small amount of goals and I’m not pleased with this, but in the place where we scored a small amount of goals, we only conceded 2 goals. We’re an offensive team and we create many chances. It’s unlucky for us not to score those. The players and I say this before every match. We need to convert our chances into goals. We’re playing well and goals will come in the continuation. It’s hard to answer if we can become champions with this goal average, but if we look at our goals conceded average, we could be champions. There hasn’t been a team that put our goal under immense pressure yet. Our goalie is very good, but I haven’t seen him have a hard time yet. However, if we convert our chances into goals, the difference between goals and goals conceded will increase and this will increase our championship chances.”

”The no fans punishment is very bad. We play this game for the fans. When there’s no fans, there’s no taste to it. I’m neither an expert on this topic, nor an authority. They need to fix this problem.”

”Turks are very proud, honest and religious people. The referees are this culture’s child. Sometimes you make a decision on an offside call for 20 minutes from different angles. When I watched Olcay’s goal against Eskişehirspor, I saw the offside by centimeters when I watched it and stopped it for 20 times. The referees need to make a decision in a second and in a tough position. There’s good young referees, but I’m seeing that they’re not brave enough. I have very big respect for this profession. In the end, I don’t think that they’re doing it on purpose. However, they need to be braver.”

”I have a message for our fans. Wherever we play, we need their support. I want them to get past every obstacle and support us. Even if we’re going to play in a far and different city next week on Friday night, I would like for them to come and support us.”

”I met Süleyman Seba last season when he was lying down in the hospital. I’m very proud of his name being given to this season. I can understand that he was not only a good football guy, but how much of a good person that he was as well wherever I went. It’s mentioned that he’s an icon of many values.”

(Translated from Haber1903)

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