Ertuğrul Karanlık gives injury update.

Updated: October 24, 2014

First team medical director and doctor, Ertuğrul Karanlık, gave an injury update to BJK TV;

”Serdar Kurtuluş is continuing to work and I’m satisfied with his condition. Since he’s getting better, he began walks today. He will begin to work with a bicycle soon as well. I can say that he’s in good condition.”

”There is no issue with Sosa. He’s continuing to work. When I look at the recent reports, I saw that he’s recovering quickly. Since he’s working a lot to recover, I gave him a day off tomorrow for his dedication. We’re going to continue to work with Sosa on Sunday.”

”Just like Sosa and Serdar Kurtuluş, Mustafa Pektemek is getting better as well. Two and a half weeks has passed in his injury. He’s approaching 100%. We’re not going to take any risks for the Kayseri Erciyesspor match and we’re going to give Mustafa back to the team next week.”

”Before the Partizan match, Gökhan Töre said that he had some pain in his right groin area and we treated him immediately. Then, we talked with our coach and decided to let him play. Today we checked Gökhan Töre and we detected that there’s a 1st degree pressure in his right groin. We started Gökhan’s treatment right away. He won’t take part in training tomorrow.”

”Ismail Köybaşı’s condition isn’t serious, but we’re going to take an MRI scan just to make sure.”


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