Beşiktaş-Fenerbahçe post-match reactions.

Updated: November 3, 2014

Fikret Orman:

”Gentlemen, you all know that I never talk after any match, it’s not my habit, but let’s rewind the film and go to last week. One of our players (Gökhan) saw a red card because of a word that came out of his mouth. The same words were said by the opponent’s player (Emre Belözoğlu), but nothing happened. For the red card that our player (Olcay) saw, for some reason all 6 referees are involved when it comes to our matches, like I said before. The referee didn’t come to show a red card, but he did with the 4th referee’s warning. I think this decision was wrong. Our player did interfere from behind, but he let go immediately. It wasn’t a moment where a red card had to be shown. I can say that Demba Ba’s penalty shout was a penalty and a red card (for the opponent player, Mehmet Topal). I said this before the match was played, these are things that we’re experiencing every year. There’s some powers that are emerging regularly. I have decided to change my style after today. The people who manage football don’t understand our language and we’re going to talk in the language that they understand from now on. Things like no he doesn’t have power, no he can’t raid locker rooms are being said, we’re going to see after this. We’re not going to watch this scenario anymore.”

Slaven Bilic:

”I’m very disappointed. We conceded a naive goal right at the beginning of the match. After the goal, we had a hard time recovering and we couldn’t find many chances. As the minutes passed, we balanced the game in the match, but the referee killed the match with the red card that he showed to Olcay. We still played well after we were left with 10 men, but we couldn’t change the scoreline. I appreciate my players as they fought very well, but it really is hard to win with 10 men.”

”I didn’t argue with anybody from Fenerbahçe. I asked one of their player’s (Emre Belözoğlu) this, ”I’m older than you, why are you swearing at me?” I told him that I was older than him, but he didn’t listen to me. Looks like that it’s like this in Turkey. He told me that he could do whatever he wanted. He said those words (f..k off) to me 5 times. I’m not going to say his name, this won’t help anybody.”

”There’s such a situation that I don’t want to go into it. We could’ve lost this match in every way possible, I don’t know. I don’t want to talk about the opponent player, but I don’t only want to say one thing. The thing that I will say clearly is that it wasn’t a red card (Olcay). For the swearing, it could happen. I too fought on the pitch and I know this, let’s not make a big deal about it. Football is a man’s game. Swearing can happen on the pitch, but after the match is over, you’ll still go out hand to hand.”

”We lost the match. We could’ve lost 11 v. 11. This is the 2nd time that this sort of thing happened to me this season. The 2nd yellow card that was shown to Olcay was wrong. If that is a red card, then what is the thing that was done to Demba Ba? It’s a penalty and a red card. We fell behind, played 11. v. 11 and balanced the game. When you look at the red cards that Gökhan saw last week and the one Olcay saw this week, I especially think that the way Olcay was sent off shouldn’t happen in a derby.”

Upon being asked about the chairman’s, Fikret Orman, statements about him deciding to change, Bilic responded by saying:

”What can I do? Should I go to the TFF’s building and open a banner? Last year, I got a 3 match suspension without doing anything. Should I react now and get a 7-8 match suspension?”

Tomas Sivok:

”We conceded a bad goal. Later on, we couldn’t display the game that we wanted to display onto the field. The match changed after the red card. We found chances, but couldn’t convert them to goals. If we were to find a goal, the match could’ve changed. We only lost 3 points, no need to get low-spirited.

”It’s very valuable to go down in Beşiktaş’ history (the foreigner who played the most matches for Beşiktaş), but we need to crown this happiness with a championship at the end of the season. I believe that we will be champions this year.”


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