Slaven Bilic on the Partizan match, Gökhan Töre, Emre Belözoğlu and more.

Updated: November 5, 2014

Beşiktaş coach, Slaven Bilic, held a press conference today and made some comments:

”It’s a very important match. There’s 3 matches left in the group and we’re in a very good position. However, we’re also in a very dangerous position as well. We defeated Partizan 4-0 2 weeks ago, but if we think that our job will be easy here, we’ll be in danger. Tomorrow is a new match and there’s a serious opponent. We’re going to play a better game than the one we did in Belgrad and win. We’re going to get closer to the target that we’re aiming for.”

”It’s hard to play away against Partizan. However, it was easier than we expected. It ended 4-0, but when we were ahead 1-0, they had a very important chance. We played very well from the first minute. We didn’t let them play. The thing that made people think that a victory there was easy, was us playing very well. However, this has no impact on tomorrow’s game.”

”Like most teams in Europe, we’re going to have our ups and downs as well. We lost our last 2 matches and we’re not happy. The players can overcome this. There’s an opportunity for us to start winning again.”

”The things that are happening is effecting Necip. In every player’s career, this could happen. When a player does the right thing, he’ll recieve appreciation. When the defense and goalies make mistakes, they’ll get criticised much more. Therefore, it’s not correct to completely blame Necip for all of this. He’s a very good player with a great character. I’m talking with him. We’re helping him out. He’s going to overcome this.”

”Don’t ask me about referees. My players and I are focused on the match. The only way to accomplish what we want, is to give our concentration to ourselves and the analysis of our opponents. We don’t have time to waste on referees and other things.”

”Last year, we fought in the league just to get a spot for Europe so we can fight in Europe next season. The meaning of this is very big. Therefore, of course the league is our priority. We’re also going to do our best to win the Turkish Cup. In Europe, we’re going to do our best and go as far as we can go. We’re looking at all 3 competitions the same.”

”Gökhan Töre is a young player, but he’s already a good player. He’s a player that makes a difference with his game and quality. Every club would like to possess this type of a player. Gökhan’s absence in the derby was a blow. When there was injuries, his absence impacted us. You can see how much of an important player he is when looking at the game in Belgrad. I talked with him. No matter what, he let his team down. He’s going to get a fine.”

Bilic didn’t respond to Emre Belözoğlu’s comments on him in the press conference, but he did talk about it privately for a while with the press:

”Before I came to Turkey and after I came to Turkey, I said the same thing multiple times; on the pitch, everybody has an their own mood and temper. No matter what, what happens on the pitch, stays on the pitch. I said this in the press conference after the match as well. This is a man’s game. There can be swearing. Besides, what bothers me there is not the swearing. If you swear looking into a person’s eye, that’s a different thing, but he didn’t do such a thing. The message that I’m trying to give there is to the referees and federation. I said, ”Why are my players being shown a different treatment?” (Gökhan Töre got a direct red card and a 3 match ban for saying f..k off); I was going on about this. Otherwise, I won’t be bothered with f..k off or f..k you. I also won’t accept it as swearing. My approach after the match was this and my approach is like this right now as well.”


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