Reactions to the Beşiktaş-Liverpool draw.

Updated: December 15, 2014

Yes, it has happened indeed. Beşiktaş have drawed Liverpool in the UEFA Europa League round of 32 stage. Here’s some reactions concerning the draw.

Beşiktaş head coach, Slaven Bilic:

”It was a little bit of an unlucky draw because after finishing our group as leaders, we would’ve wanted to get paired up with an easier opponent. At this stage in the UEFA Europa League, there’s no easy team, but Liverpool and a couple other teams, were teams that we didn’t want to draw. We’re not too happy, but we’re going to play two good games. I can say that we’re looking forward to these matches. Liverpool is one of England’s and the football world’s biggest clubs. So far, we played with big teams from England like Arsenal and Tottenham. In these matches, we fought very well against our opponents. In both of the matches that we played against Arsenal, we were very unlucky. We played very well both away and at home in the Tottenham matches. We’re confident. If we can continue our current football in the month of February, we can advance.”

Beşiktaş striker, Demba Ba:

”It’s going to be tough. At the moment, Liverpool is going through a hard time. They can’t get the results that they want and things aren’t going well for them. Tough matches are waiting for us. They’re a team that tries to attack quickly and try to get the ball to their forwards as soon as possible. They’re capable technically and they’re also good physically. If we can return with a good result away, then us playing the second match at home is an advantage.”

Demba Ba also reacted to the draw on Twitter:

Beşiktaş assistant first team manager, Nikola Jurcevic:

”It’s going to be tough, but we performed well against Tottenham and Arsenal before. Pleasant matches are waiting for us. If we return with a good result from England, the match here will be an advantage for us. A big fan base will be waiting for us on our field. Our fans’ support is a big advantage for us.”

Beşiktaş vice-chairman and head of football department, Ahmet Nur Çebi:

”I’m not irritated because of the draw, just opposite, I think that the opponent is irritated. After this, who comes is not important. How to get ready and eliminate them, we’re going to plan this. We’re going to play our match at the Atatürk Olimpiyat Stadium most likely.”

Executive board member in charge of Beşiktaş JK senior football team, Mete Vardar:

”Beşiktaş, with the matches that they played before this, showed that they’re able to eliminate every team. We showed that there isn’t a team that we couldn’t eliminate. We trust our team and technical committee. I think that the matches will be good. They’re going through the pain of missing out on the championship last season. I think that it’s a lucky draw.”

Beşiktaş executive board member in charge of football international affairs, Erdal Torunoğulları:

”In this road, we loved England a lot. If we want to advance in this cup, we have to beat these types of teams. We played well in the Arsenal and Tottenham matches. I think that we can get past Liverpool.”

Beşiktaş winger, Gökhan Töre:

”Our opponent in the Europa League is Liverpool. Our target is clear. We want to advance!”

Beşiktaş legend, Pascal Nouma:

Former Liverpool midfielder, Dietmar Hamann:

After Steven Gerrard’s title costing slip against Chelsea at Anfield last season, which then Chelsea player, Demba Ba, took advantage of, there was some jokes on social media concerning the topic. Here’s a few:

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