Beşiktaş: 1 Adana Demirspor: 2

Updated: December 26, 2014

Beşiktaş played their third group stage Ziraat Türkiye Küpasi game on wednesday against second division (PTT.1) side Adana Demirspor.

And it turned out to be the second consecutive loss for the Black Eagles in the group stages of the cup, despite actually playing a good game of football. Both teams played a good game actually.

Beşiktaş did not have a center forward int heir starting line-up due to the injuries to Cenk Tosun, Mustafa Pektemek and Demba Ba. Both Cenk and Demba Ba played over the weekend against Akhisar Belediyespor but the medical staff did not clear them for this cup game as they needed to recuperate for the coming weekend’s league game against Torku Konyaspor (Demba Ba will most likely not even play there in order to make sure he is 100% fit to play in the derby next weekend).

So Beşiktaş started with Gökhan, Kerim, Olcay and Oguzhan, Olcay playing as the fake nine so to speak. Within the first five minutes of the game Beşiktaş had already had two great opportunities but did not manage to convert either one of them.

Adana Demirspor had already looked dangerous a couple of times on the counter and in the 14th minute Oguzhan Aynaoglu broke down the right wing and set up Timur for the opening goal of the match. Oguzhan Aynaoglu, who plays for Adana Demirspor on loan from Bursaspor, is a 22-year old Danish born forward with Turkish citizenship and made a solid impression throughout the game. Perhaps a player the Black Eagles should consider to bring in over the summer.

The most talked about moment of this match wasn’t the fact that Adana Demirspor pulled off a major upset over the Black Eagles, no the major talking point came in minute twenty-two when Adana Demirspor player Hakan Söyler went in to a challenge on Veli Kavlak and was shown the red card by referee Suat Arslanboga. Veli Kavlak, Olcay and Ersan Gülüm all went up to the referee and Veli Kavlak told him “look, there was no contact made, this wasn’t a red card.” and the referee reversed hi!s decision and gave Hakan a yellow card rather than a red card. Hakan still came in rash and if there had been contact it would have definitely been a red card offense, but he missed Veli with his foot and clearly did not have the intention to hurt him. Veli Kavlak and the other players showed great sportsmanship by telling the referee to reverse his decision despite being down 0-1 at the time.

For the remainder of the first half, Beşiktaş controlled the game and had the majority of ball possession but had a difficult time finding a way through Adana Demirspor’s defensive organization. The lack of a true center forward was made painfully clear throughout this entire game.

In the second half, Adana Demirspor started off quite well and had warned the Eagles several times already that a second goal might be coming. Beşiktaş was still controllin the majority of play and piling on the pressure, but Adana Demirspor had had several dangerous counter attacks.

As Slaven Bilic told José Sosa to get ready to come on Adana Demirspor received a corner kick.

Beşiktaş goalkeeper Cenk Gönen made a huge mistake on that corner when he came out at the first post and completely missed the ball leaving it to be headed in to the goal and making it 0-2 after nearly an hour.

José Sosa at that point came on for Atiba Hutchinson in an attempt to pile on even more pressure.

Beşiktaş kept Adana Demirspor on their own half of the field for the majority of the remaining half hour but could not find a way through, any attempt at a t hrough ball or shot was blocked by a maze of legs it seemed. Untill the 70th minute when Oguzhan Özyakup’s lofted pass found Gökhan Töre in the box who finished it off with a great volley to pull one back.

After the goal Beşiktaş piled on even more pressure but at some point in the last 15 minutes former Beşiktaş player and academy product Cümali Bişi stayed down for an unclear reason and he required treatment, something which took several minutes and completely took the steam out of the match. Slaven Bilic finally brought a striker in tot he game after 78 minutes when he substituted Ismail for 19-year old Furkan Yaman. But Furkan couldn’t really change anything up front as Adana Demirspor kept parking the bus and did very well to hold on to their one goal lead, winning time where they could.

Five minutes of added time were added on but the Black Eagles did not find a climactic last second equalizer and saw Adana Demirspor pull-off the stunt of the week in the Turkish cup.

Despite this loss being pretty big news, it was still completely overshadowed by Veli Kavlak’s show of fair-play in the first half. And all media attention after the match seemed to go to this specific moment.

With three games played Beşiktaş are now third with three points in Group F of the Ziraat Türkiye Küpasi with Adana Demirspor in second place with six points and Rizespor in first with nine points. Sariyer is bottom with no points.

Beşiktaş will need to get allt hree points against Adana Demirspor when they meet again on the 21st of January 2015 if they want to advance to the knock-out stages of the cup.

Adana Demirspor player Hakan Söyler noted after the game: “If only more players would be like Veli Kavlak, I would really like to thank him and the other Beşiktaş players for what they did.”

The TFF (Turkish Football Federation) also sent out a statement to thank Veli Kavlak for his show of fairplay.


Stadium: Yusuf Ziya Öniş

Officials: Suat Arslanboğa, Muhittin Gürses, Gökhan Memişoğlu, Deniz Gültekin(4th official)
Beşiktaş: Cenk Gönen, Serdar Kurtuluş, Atınç Nukan, Ersan Gülüm, İsmail Köybaşi (78′ Furkan Yaman), Veli Kavlak, Atiba Hutchinson (58′ Sosa), Gökhan Töre, Kerim Frei, Oğuzhan Özyakup, Olcay (58′ Uğur Boral)

Reserves: Emre Metin, Tugay Kaya, Ümit Karaal, Uğur Boral, Furkan Yaman, Pedro Franco, José Ernesto Sosa

Head coach: Slaven Bilic

Adana Demirspor: Emre Selen, Fazlı, Abdülkerim (88′ Yiğitcan), Ferhat, Hakan Söyler, Alaattin (74′ Tayfur), Umut (71′ Attamah), Özgürcan, Cumali Bişi, Timur, Oğuzhan Aynaoğlu
Reserves: Burak, Attamah, Yiğitcan, Hurşut Meriç, Tayfur, Mesut, Jacob Mulenga
Head coach: Ünal Karaman

Goals: Timur (14′), Abdülkerim (59′), Gökhan Töre (70′)

Yellow card(s): Hakan Söyler (22′), Abdülkerim (28′), Ferhat (79′)

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