Fikret Orman responds to Tolgay Arslan transfer

Updated: January 26, 2015

Beşiktaş club president Fikret Orman responded to polymic created surrounding Tolgay Arslan’s transfer on the club’s television network BJK TV:

“These are very young and impressionable players, it’s not fitting to offer these types of young players such astronomical amounts of money just to impress your fanbase.”

Fikret Orman implies with this that Trabzonspor offered Tolgay an absurd amount of money so they could sign him and earn bragging rights.

“We’ve never taken such a stance, we don’t abuse football to enhance our own egos. Erdal Torunogullari played a key role in this transfer, he negotiated in a very wise manner.

The player chose to play for us but we will not act as if this was some sort of a prestige victory over Trabzonspor. They offered Tolgay €2.000.000 in guaranteed wages, that’s without all the extra bonusses. Yet the player still chose to sign with us.

We don’t just want to sign a player because Trabzonspor ants to sign them or any other club, it is not our intention to battle with our rials in such a way. It’s simply not our style.”

Fikret Orman shows that he and his administration have learned from the mistakes of the previous administration, they will not let themselves get carried in to an ego-measuring contest. Tolgay had been a target of Beşiktaş for over six months and had nothing to do with interest from other clubs.

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