Tolgay’s agent speaks out on the Tolgay Arslan transfer saga

Updated: January 28, 2015

Haber1903’s Murat Özen interviewed Tolgay Arslan’s agent, Francesco Di Frisco (the person on the left in the photo). Tolgay’s agent cleared up many topics concerning the transfer process of Tolgay Arslan;

Who is the first club that made an offer for Tolgay and reached an agreement with him first? Beşiktaş or Trabzonspor?

”The first club that made contacts for his transfer is Beşiktaş.”

With the photo of the Trabzonspor board and Tolgay Arslan taking the media by storm, Trabzonspor chairman, Ibrahim Haciosmanoğlu, later on announced that they have given up on the transfer. What is the real reason for this? Ibrahim Haciosmanoğlu said, ”We reached an agreement and then they met up with Beşiktaş.” Is this true?

”There is no truth in that. We were in contact with Beşiktaş since mid-December. At the beginning of January, Beşiktaş made an offer to Hamburg. We have been talking with them since.”

What was the reason for Tolgay Arslan choosing Beşiktaş over Trabzonspor even though Trabzonspor offered more?

”The money that Trabzonspor offered was terrific. However, of course, not everything is money. We listened to our hearts. We agreed with Beşiktaş. The player’s happiness is important as well.”

Did Tolgay’s father making statements to the Turkish press effect the transfer in a negative way? Were you disturbed with this?

”This could be true because I’m his current agent. His father may have done this since he was his agent before. However, in the end, his father is his father and he will stay as his father forever. As of now, I’m his agent.”

Ibrahim Haciosmanoğlu announced yesterday that Tolgay sent the message, ”We want to come to Trabzonspor” (Haciosmanoğlu also said that this message was sent before Tolgay and his agent were going to board the plane that was going to take them to Istanbul) to Trabzonspor’s CEO, Burak Gürdal, through you. Did a development like this happen?

”There is no truth in that. I worked with Burak Gürdal a lot. I have always appreciated him until today. After this event, I had to cut off the business connections between us because I didn’t send a message like this. If I did send it, he can always show this and prove it. No such thing was ever sent from my phone or e-mail. After we reached an agreement with Beşiktaş on Sunday, I sent Burak Gürdal a message. I thanked him, but said, ”as of now, Tolgay Arslan is Beşiktaş’ player.”


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