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Updated: January 30, 2015

Today it was announced that together with Ersan Gülüm, Atinç Nukan, Cenk Gönen and Veli Kavlak, Mustafa Pektemek has now also extended his contract with the Black Eagles.

It looked clear for a while that Beşiktaş was keen on extending Mustafa Pektemek’s contract but Mustafa apparantly insisted on a significant pay increase. Mustafa was on a ₺2.750.000 per year deal in guaranteed wages this season, that boils down to €1.000.000 if you use today’s currencies.

So, Mustafa is getting a €400.000 pay raise next season and that will increase with €100.000 every additional season untill the 2018-2019 season where he will make €1.700.000, not bad for a player who spends more time injured than actually fit to play.

Now by no means am I blaming Mustafa, it’s not his fault that he is injury prone. But I do blame him for insisting on a pay raise though, given that he has spent the majority of time injured the last four years. Where does he get off asking for a pay raise? And why is our board giving it to him? Loyalty? Not difficult being loyal when you’re getting paid for ‘nothing’. Now of course, being injured isn’t fun, the receovery process isn’t fun either you have to work harder every time to come back… but that doesn’t change the fact that Mustafa has made over  ₺10.000.000 (more than €3,5 million) in four years while playing for the Black Eagles and all he’s got to show for it is 16 goals in 89 appearances (44 starts) in all competitions. I’m sorry but that just doesn’t cut it if you’re a striker for Beşiktaş.

Mustafa, whenever he plays, shows tremendous heart and workrate. It’s not that he has mentality issues, the issues with him are purely his being out injured all the time. Besides that his quality is still not confirmed in my opinion. He has never been able to consistantly play as Beşiktaş’ number one striker due to his injuries and so he has never shown whether or not he could deliver what was needed to deserve that role. However, whenever he has played some consistant games he never showed the performance of let’s say Bobô or not even Hugo Almeida and definitely not Demba Ba.

Mustafa was the second choice striker at the beginning of the season so when Demba Ba didn’t play he did. He didn’t really produce much, he scored one important goal against Feyenoord and another in the league against Balikesirspor. However whenever Cenk Tosun was given the chance he delivered… he scored the winner in Mersin, winner against Tottenham, scored whenever he played in the cup, etc. I don’t think Mustafa should be the second choice striker even when he’s fit. To me it’s clear that Cenk is ahead of him, Cenk is a much better center forward than Mustafa to begin with. Mustafa isn’t an effective targetman in a 4-3-3 system, he doesn’t have the height or physical strength that Demba Ba or Cenk Tosun have. It was already an issue in the past seasons whenever Almeida was injured, Mustafa could not fill his shoes in the same role. Mustafa is a utility player, he can bail you out on the wings if needed (although he is far from a great winger) and his workrate helps the team. If you’re 1-0 up in the final 15 minutes and your main striker is tired it’s not a bad idea to put Mustafa on because he’s able to put pressure on the opposition with his stamina but I really don’t think he will ever be a starter, not even if he manages to stay healthy which he hasn’t been able to do ever since 2012.

So giving him a wage which is on par with first team regulars such as Gökhan Töre, Olcay, Veli, Ersan, Oguzhan, Sosa, Tolga, etc. is a huge mistake in my opinion.

I’ve generally been happy with the wage balance the club has kept, starters earn around €1.5 million and only one guy (Demba Ba) earns significantly more. But the team accepts that of him because he is a quality player who has proven himself in the best league in the world and he delivers week in and week out. Appart from that all starters are roughly earning the same annual wage (except Atiba Hutchinson who is on €1.000.000 a year).

But Mustafa Pektemek is not a starter, he wouldn’t even be a starter if he was fit to play, at most he’d be the second choice striker. Why is he making the same money as most of the starters? And sure Cenk Tosun is making similar money, he makes too much aswell. But atleast he’s young and he’s deliverd everytime he’s been called on. He also forsaked €400.000 in owed wages by Gaziantepspor in order to sign with us, so there’s a reason why he is making as much as he is this season (€1.700.000) but his wages actually go down the following years rather than up.

If we look at Cenk Gönen and Necip Uysal, they both make €900.000 in guaranteed wages per year, I think something like that would have been far more acceptable for Mustafa Pektemek. I don’t think Mustafa has particulary contributed more than either one of these two have the past years, so why does he get such a huge pay rise? It makes absolutely no sense, to me this is one of the biggest mistakes our board have made.

It’s not a HUGE mistake, let’s be clear on that. If you compare it to some of the mistakes of other clubs… our boad generally has done fantastic work. But they have dropped the ball here and there, and this is one of the cases where they dropped the ball in my opinion.

If Mustafa wanted a pay raise, he should’ve gone elsewhere. I highly doubt he would’ve gotten this deal at Fenerbahçe or Galatasaray maybe at Trabzonspor (probably at Trabzonspor since they have no clue what Financial Fairplay is) so why not just let him go there? With the foreign limit change next season we could’ve just as easily gotten a better and especially much cheaper foreign striker who isn’t out half of the season with an injury every year.


The biggest ‘crime’ here in my opinion is that Mustafa will be making an extravagant amount of money but the board are still playing hard ball with Atiba Hutchinson. I’m pretty sure had they offered Atiba a 2-year deal for €1.400.000 in guaranteed wages per season he would’ve signed already by now. He, on the contrary to Mustafa, has contributes significantly to the team this season and the last. His services should be rewarded, but as it stands now they are still negotiating with him. Atiba is a first team player, a regular starter. Mustafa isn’t, yet Mustafa gets the big contract. Sure Atiba is 31-years old, I’m not saying give him a 4-year deal. But he can still go for atleast another two years. And with Tolgay in the team now you don’t even have to play Atiba or Veli in every game. But you need squad depth and on the contrary to Mustafa I feel that Atiba is a player we really need to keep for atleast another year.

Plus the guy deserves to see our fans in all their glory in the new Vodafone Arena.


I’d love to hear your opinions, let us know in the comment section.

– Kaan Bayazit

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