Club Brugge respond to ticket fiasco

Updated: March 10, 2015

Yesterday, Monday march 9th, many Besiktas fans managed to register on the ticketing service used by Club Bruges to purchase a ticket in the home section of the stadium.

In the evening the club sent out an official press communication stating that these tickets would be rendered invalid as a result of a hack attack on their servers which allowed people to purchase match tickets who weren’t supposed to.

However this press communication did not specify any details, people have thusfar not received any official notification via mail or via telephone by Club Bruges regarding the cancellation of their ticket.

I spoke to Club Brugge’s press representative on the phone moments ago and he assured me that everyone who purchased a ticket would be notified over the course of the rest of the day of the cancellation of their tickets.

So if you’re among the hundreds of fans who purchased a ticket yesterday on Club Bruges’ website but your seat is still marked as ‘taken’ on the ticketing service than you will receive a notification from Club Bruges over the next couple of hours.

So to be perfectly clear: if you purchased a ticket yesterday via Club Bruges’ ticketing service and you had not previously visited a game of Club Bruges (and therefore already had an account which had atleast one prior game credited to it) then your ticket will NOT work on Thursday. Please spread this article/information to your friends and family who may also have purchased tickets this way so that they do not arrive in Bruges on Thursday expecting to be allowed in the stadium.

Your tickets will of course be financially compensated, as stated before in this article you will receive a notification with all the concerning details from Club Bruges over the course of the day.



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