Club Brugge ticket fraud victims should file complaints

Updated: March 10, 2015

If you’re one of the many victims of the whole Club Brugge ticket fraud saga which started yesterday and reached an anti-climactic conclusion today you should strongly consider filing a complaint with your financial institution.

Yesterday a large amount of tickets was made available for purchase via Club Brugge’s ticketing service and many Besiktas fans jumped on the chance to get a seat among the Brugge fans in the home section of the stadium by registering on the ticketing service website.

However, Club Brugge did not intend it to be possible for Besiktas fans to purchase these tickets. While this is very understandable it is far from the fault of the fans that did jump on this chance and therefore they should not be made to suffer to consequences of the mistakes of others.

Brugge claim that their ticketing service had been hacked making it possible for people who were not intended to be able to acquire tickets via their service to do so. Club Brugge issued an official statemen late last night making it clear that they would not be honoring the commitment they made by selling these people those tickets.

As this is a breach of service policy, as you paid for a service you are not going to receive, you are in your full right to file a complaint with your financial institution. So if you paid with Mastercard or Visa you should contact the respective company or your personal bank who issued you the credit card. If you paid through any other means there are compareable actions you could and probably should take.

On top of the fact that you will not be receiving your matchday ticket you will be charged a €9,00 ‘administrational fee’. While you will be getting a refund for the money which you paid for your tickets you will still lose out on €9,00 per ticket.

As Club Brugge admitted in both their official statement yesterday and the mail which they have sent around to notify people of the cancellation of their tickets, they consider a third party (the alleged hacker(s)) to be responsible for this grave inconvenience.

As you, the duped customer, are not responsible for this they are simply not legally able to charge you the €9,00 administration fee and you should really file a complaint with your financial institution.

Possible repercussions for Club Brugge K.V. if enough complaints are filed is the loss of the ability to receive payments by credit card.

If you are among those who was duped by this unfortunate situation, please reply to the e-mail that you have received that you will not be accepting the €9,00 administrational fee charges and that you will be filing a complaint with your financial institution for their breach of contract, as they are revoking the service they agreed to provide to you uppon selling you the ticket(s).

It’s simply not your responsibility as an individual that their website is secure or not and if it’s that simple to hack their system (a system in which financial data is gathered) then they should really be filing an official complaint with the police which they so far are yet to do. Which raises several questions with this entire ‘we got hacked’ story. As it stands, it’s looking far more like a human error on their part than an actual ‘hack’.



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