How to get your money back from your tickets

Updated: March 11, 2015

Club Brugge sent out e-mails yesterday notifying people who purchased tickets on Monday that their entry would be denied.

As Brugge stated earlier last week, in order to purchase a ticket from them in the home section of the stadium you needed to have attended atleast one game in order for your account to be activated.

Due to issues in their system people were able to register and purchase tickets anyway, Brugge sent out an official responce on their website on monday stating that they had suffered a hack attack which allowed this to happen and that they would be de-activating tickets bought in this timespan to avoid Besiktas fans getting in to the home section of the stadium.

During the course of Tuesday those who purchased their tickets on Monday were notified per e-mail that their tickets would be de-activated but that they of course would be reimbursed for their purchase minus a €9,00 ‘administrational fee’.

Brugge requested people to provide them with their bank details, however unfortunately there may have been some confusion as they asked specifically for their ‘Belgian bank details’. However, as long as you have a bank within the EU you should be able to just provide them your IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT code as a European money wire is without costs, so this should not pose a problem.

So if you were under the impression you could only get your money back through a Belgian bank then there is no need to worry, just reply to the e-mail with your bank details and you should reeive your money back (minus the €9,00 administrational fee’s).

Alternatively you can file a complaint with your financial institution to get your money back that way since you did not receive the service you paid for.

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