Gökhan Töre denies Hürriyet article

Updated: March 27, 2015

The discussion about what happened in the hotel between Gökhan Töre, Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Ömer Toprak still continues.

Ömer Toprak announced in an Interview with German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung that he won’t be part of the National Team as long as Fatih Terim is the manager. He claimed that Töre had played with his life and he won’t be able to play with him in the same team.
This Interview started another discussion about what happened in the hotel room between the parties. The Turkish media asserts that they know what Gökhan Töre told Fatih Terim about what happened at the time in question.

Gökhan Töre went out of his way on his personal Instagram account to deny the article which appeared in Hürriyet written by Ismail Er (who is known for producing false stories). Below you can read the concerning article:

“After the Netherlands match which we lost, Hakan Çalhanoğlu and Ömer Toprak went to a nightclub named ‘Reina’ in Istanbul. I was to disappointed and went straight home that night. After I arrived at home Hakan and Ömer called me and invited me to the party. They told me that they are sitting in the V.I.P.  lounge and that I should come too. I told them that I was too tired, but they insisted so strongly that I went there with two of my friends.
When I arrived at the bar I was shocked, because one of the people that was there with Ömer was  someone I had a big issue with in the past. He had sexually assaulted my girlfriend, when she was only fifteen years old. I told Ömer about the issue, but Ömer couldn’t care less what was happening around him. I decided to leave the place.
Back home, I started messaging with Ömer, he told me that he and Hakan went back to the team hotel. He still did not care about what the person did. I got mad and decided to drive to the team hotel with my friends. As I arrived at their hotel I called them and asked them to come down to the lobby. But they declined to come down. So I took the spare key for their hotel room and went up to them. After I entered the room I told Hakan and Ömer to stand aside.
I had a dispute with Ömer’s friend that turned into a fight. Ömer and Hakan sepperated us. I had no weapon on me and I never threatened anybody with a weapon. I didn’t even see the weapon that my friend had. The only thing I can say for sure is that I never wear any weapon at any time.”

This article was written by Ismail Er and published in Hürriyet. But Gökhan Töre has since denied giving the journalist this interview.

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