Trabzonspor post-match reactions from the players

Updated: May 4, 2015

Demba Ba:

“We started the match off well. It’s a tough away game here. We played as a whole and succeeded. We showed this in the recent matches as well. Trabzonspor is a good team. In order to win, we needed to score and I did what was necessary.”

“We’ve been working very hard since the start of the season. Hopefully this season is going to end well. We’ve done an extraordinary job up to here.”

“We worked on it together and I finished it off (on his goal). The team did the correct things and was able to get the ball to me. Töre was the one who got the ball to me this time. I would like to especially congratulate him for that. I can’t say that we won this game because of me. My teammates are supporting me a lot. I’m making these types of strikes with their support.”

“It wasn’t a surprise for me. I was the one who was waiting on the bench because of the foreign restrictions. This is what was needed this time and it happened like that. Of course, nobody would like to wait on the bench though.

Jose Sosa:

“Everybody was waiting for this match. We played well and got the win.”

“It was a very good match. We played well as a team. At this point, it doesn’t really matter who scores the goals. I’m happy for the strikers. We showed how strong we are once again today.”

“There’s still a lot of games ahead of us. We need to look at them one by one. We’re going to try and go until the end.”

Olcay Şahan:

“We’re very happy with the win. It was an important victory. We have 5 matches left in our title race. Hopefully we’ll continue like this.”

“I play wherever my coach tells me to play. I played as right back for the last hour and a half today and if I’m able to contribute to the team, then I’ll be very happy.”

Tolgay Arslan:

“I congratulate my teammates. We played well and got a good win.”

“We have quality goal scorers. I congratulate Demba Ba. He came from the bench, fought and scored his goal. I wanted to score today, but what’s important is the 3 points. I’m a team player.”


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