Slaven Bilic: “I don’t think I will be given a chance as Beşiktaş coach.”

Updated: May 18, 2015

A visually devastated Slaven Bilic gave an openhearted post-match interview to Lig TV’s Ömer Güvenç after today’s dissapointing defeat at the hands of Konyaspor at the Osmanli stadium in Ankara.

How would you say this season went? Not today’s game, but the season as a whole?

“I can’t talk about the whole season, I can talk about the last few weeks. But okay, if you ask me about our entire season, I think it was really very very good, if not great, untill the past few weeks atleast, the last ten days. And then in these three games we just fell appart, we didn’t play good we only have few chances. If we had scored a goal tonight, especially in the second half, it would be different. But I am very dissapointed and it’s very frustrated. I feel sorry for the fans and the players, that’s all I can say.”

The media are claiming that you have already set your sights on an English club, what can you tell us about these rumors?

“Why are you asking me this now? I’ve said it so many times, I haven’t talked to another club. I haven’t signed for another club. I’ve said it since the first day and that’s all true. It’s completely not true, I did not sign and it was not my intention to sign. My intention was to stay here, but now of course I know things can happen. I will take charge of these final two games and then I’ll meet with the board and see what happens next.

My answer is as it was one week or six months ago, when the media was writing this. I haven’t signed for nobody. I am 100% concentrated and working for the benefit of Beşiktaş. I believe that it is not in my hands now, I take responsibility for the past one and half week in results. I know how it works in football, especially in Turkey. And I don’t expect that I will be given a chance to be Beşiktaşcoach next season. But I can accept that of course.”

Are you planning to resign as Beşiktaş coach?

“I am professional, I am going to have two games and I’m going tob e in charge but of course I’l be meeting with the board but I’m not going to talk to the media about that.”



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