STSL: Beşiktaş: 2 Gençlerbirliği: 1

Updated: May 29, 2015

With third place already secured and second place out of reach this match revolved about one thing and one thing only: goodbyes.

Everyone knew going in to this match that this would be Slaven Bilic’s last match as head coach of Beşiktaş, this was well documented in the media the past few weeks. But as it turned out this wasn’t just an emotional goodbye for Slaven Bilic and his staff, but also for one of the club’s most faithful servents, Tomas Sivok.

With three minutes of regular playing time left on the clock and a 2-0 scoreline in favor of the Black Eagles, Slaven Bilic gave Tomas Sivok a hero’s goodbye as he substituted the 7-year Beşiktaş veteran off to a standing ovation from both the crowd and the bench. Perhaps symbolically, his replacement was Alexander Milosevic who was brought in this past January transfer window as someone who matches Sivok’s profile as a central defender.

Sivok was visually moved by the fans and his teammates and so was Bilic as he walked off the pitch after the final whistle heading toward what would be be his final interview as Beşiktaş manager.

As for the match itself, Beşiktaş dominated the first half from start to finish, with nearly 70% ball possession and several good opportunities created it was no suprise that the Eagles took the lead in the 42nd minute after Tolgay played the ball to Oguzhan Özyakup who found Cenk Tosun in the box who followed up with a very good finish to beat goalkeeper Ferhat.

Oguzhan played as the number 10 in this match instead of José Sosa who stayed in Istanbul with an injury. Oguzhan thanked Slaven Bilic with a solid performance as he was involved in nearly every single offensive move the Black Eagles made.

Beşiktaş had several good opportunities prior to the eventual second goal to expand uppon their lead but it took untill the 83rd minute for them to score again. Oguzhan Özyakup this time turned to finisher as Olcay Sahan’s low cross found him in the middle of the opposition’s box.

With the game pretty much over the visitors managed to pull one back, but with only one minute of added time they could not mount an offensive for a late equalizer as their goal already came in the 90th minute.


But this match will not be remembered for it’s scoreline or the decent football the team put on the mat, it will be remember as an end of an era with Tomas Sivok’s departure after 7-years of loyal service. And also the last match for Ugur Boral.

It will be remembered as Slaven Bilic’s final game before heading to (probably) the Premier League.

Some short post-match reactions from Ugur Boral and Tomas Sivok

Ugur Boral:

“I am sad to go but I had a great time here at Beşiktaş, I am very happy to have had the opportunity to play here. My career is not yet at an end however, I don’t know where I will go next but I will continue to play football.”

Ugur Boral (about Tomas Sivok):

“Sivok is a very professional player and a true leader. I enjoyed playing with him a lot and hope to play with him again one day.” (they shared a hug during the interview)

Tomas Sivok:

“I wanted to leave the club with a championship title. I have always been very happy year, I spent the best years of my career here. I have always enjoyed my time at Besiktas and in Turkey.

One chapter ends and a new one begins. I hoped to play in the new Inönü stadium. But hopefully I will play there with my new team one day.

Beşiktaş is a great a club and I am happy to have played here.”


Stadium: Ankara Osmanlı

Officials: Yunus Yıldırım, Serkan Gençerler, Adil Sinem, Suat Arslanboğa (4th official)
Beşiktaş: Günay; Olcay, Atınç, Sivok (87′ Milosevic), Opare; Necip, Tolgay, Oğuzhan; Kerim Frei (77′ Serdar), Mustafa Pektmek (66′ Uğur Boral), Cenk Tosun
Reserves: Enes Fidayeo, Serdar Kurtulus, Alexander Milosevic, Ersan Gülüm, Uğur Boral, Ramon Motta, Eslem Öztürk

Head coach: Slaven Bilic

Gençlerbirliği: Ferhat; Sedat, Hakan, Halil Ibrahim, Ahmet Çalik (53′ Ferhat); İrfan Can, Gosso (29′ Çağrı), Nemanja Tomic (77′ Berat), Landel; El Kabir, Bogdan Stancu

Reserves: Ramazan, Ferhat, Ahmet, Çağrı, Taylan, Mervan, Berat
Head coach: Mustafa Kaplan

Goal(s): Cenk (42′), Oguzhan (83′)
Yellow card(s): Çağrı (39′), Atınç (71′), El Kabir (90+1′)

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