Beşiktaş could use funds from Ba transfer to bring in Balotelli

Updated: June 21, 2015

With Demba Ba seemingly on his way out, Beşiktaş are already looking for a potential replacement for the 30-year old striker.

The Beşiktaş board still want to bring in a big name for the opening of the Vodafone arena and in that quest they may consider Liverpool’s Italian enfant terrible Mario Balotelli.

‘Super Mario’ was tasked with the difficult job of replacing Luis Suarez, who left for FC Barcelona this past summer, at Liverpool. But only managed to get on the scoresheet four times in all competitions for the Reds this season. Dissapointing for a man who cost them £ 16 million.

Squandered talent

Balotelli was widely considered to be perhaps the single most promising center forward in modern day football, but after not being able to establish himself at Internazionale, Manchester City and now Liverpool FC it has become clear that the talented striker’s off the pitch behavior has derailed a very promising career.

Demba Ba transfer could finance Balotelli’s move

Liverpool, who only bought Balotelli last summer from AC Milan, are already looking to offload the 23-year old striker this transfer window and are willing to take a big loss on their £ 16 million expendature from this past summer, as they’re only looking to get £ 7,2 million for their flop of the season.

Beşiktaş are looking to make around £ 10 million on the sale of their topscorer Demba Ba, a near £ 6 million profit on what they paid this past summer to Chelsea. They could use part of that money to buy Mario Balotelli.

His wages may pose a problem

Balotelli’s wages may be an issue however, but with the favourable tax rate in Turkey that may be something the Black Eagles could overcome. Demba Ba made around € 3,4 million nette this past season, including all match appearance fee bonusses. While Balotelli is on a much higher wage before taxes, it would roughly boil down to the same figures if he were to sign a similar deal as Demba Ba did in Turkey.

Is it a risk worth taking?

It looks unlikely that the Black Eagles will fork out nearly € 10 million for the Italian striker, simply because it would pose to big of a risk for them financially. If Balotelli were to bomb, which he has done pretty much every single time in the past, that would be a big financial blow for Beşiktaş who are already on an Financial Fairplay settlement.

Şenol Güneş’ ultimate challenge

Beşiktaş’ brand new manager Şenol Güneş has a reputation for saving the careers of players who looked to have lost their way and were to squander their talents. In recent years Güneş managed to revitalize the careers of both Burak Yilmaz and Volkan Şen aswell as catapult the careers of Ibrahima Yattara, Fatih Tekke, Onur Kivrak and Gökdeniz Karadeniz.

Güneş is known for getting the best out of players, especially players in the offensive department of the pitch. But Mario Balotelli, who could not be tamed by even the Special one himself, José Mourinho, might prove even a too difficult task for the experienced Turkish coach.

Ultimately, it would be a very exciting move but one that would most probably end up badly for our beloved club. The small chance there is that Balotelli might actually turn his career around is probably not worth the huge financial risk the club would need to take to bring him in. Still, a player of Balotelli’s potential could lift any club to a higher level if he could propperly channel his abilities. Many clubs have gambled on Mario Balotelli, but so far none have been successful in taming this Italian stallion.




– Kaan Bayazit

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