Rhodolfo transfer off the table!

Updated: July 9, 2015

Beşiktaş have given up on Grémio captain Luiz Rhodolfo and Lyon defender Bakary Kone.

Beşiktaş had reached an agreement in principle with Rhodolfo already several days ago and everything was pointing towards a transfer, but for an unreveiled reason they have now decided not to sign the 29-year old Brazilian center back.

It was said that the final decision was left up to coach Güneş. Whether he vetoed the move or an agreement could not be reached with Grémio is unclear.

Beşiktaş have shifted their main focus now on Douglas Teixeira (27) of Dynamo Moscow and Douglas Bacelar (25) of Dnipro Dnipropretovsk.

Possibly a lack of European experience was a factor in the abadonment of the Rhodolfo transfer.


Source: Firat Günayer

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