Quaresma or Dzsudzsak? Why not both?

Updated: July 14, 2015

Today Beşiktaş president Fikret Orman revealed that the Black Eagles are interested in acquiring both Balazs Dzsudzsak (28) and Ricardo Quaresma (31). However, Orman stated that we would, and I quote, “not be signing them at the same time”.

A quote which could be interpreted in two ways, option one being the most likely perhaps: Beşiktaş sign either Quaresma or Dzsudzsak, most likely Quaresma as that deal is pretty much sealed and they simply forget about the other player and move on. Or option two, in which the board plan ahead about a year. Plan ahead to the iminent sale of Gökhan Töre next summer.

In the second scenario Beşiktaş would sign Ricardo Quaresma this summer and sign Balazs Dzsudzsak on Bosman grounds, meaning signing a contract with him now in order for him to join us on a free transfer this coming January as the player has only five months left on his existing contract with Dynamo Moscow.

This way you avoid having to pay a transfer fee for Dzsudzsak, also given tghat he would be coming in during the winter transfer window he would have a six month period to adjust to Turkish football and his new home for coming years before actually having all the responsibility on his shoulders of leading the team.

Dzsudzsak would be “eased in”, while Töre is put on a platform both in the league and hopefully in Europe in order to sell him for even more than the € 14 million already bid on him this summer by Atlético de Madrid.

It’s almost certain that Töre will stay for atleast another year, but I can not see him staying for another two years. Unless perhaps if Beşiktaş were to directly qualify for the group stages of the UEFA Champions League next season, which would require them to win the league.

In all likelihood Gökhan Töre will be sold next summer, so wouldn’t it be ideal for Beşiktaş to already have his replacement in place? In this scenario, that would be Dzsudzsak, who can then move to the left wing while Quaresma takes over on the right.

Beşiktaş are paying a very minor transfer fee for Ricardo Quaresma this summer, Dzsudzsak would be free and they would likely get around € 15 million for Töre. So, in scenario two you’d pretty much get two quality wingers plus around € 14 million profit. What’s not to like about this scenario?

Scenario two is probably just wishful thinking, but it’s not entirely unthinkable. Orman chose his words carefully, he did not say “if we get one, we won’t get the other.”, he specifically chose to say “We won’t get them at the same time.”.


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