Tolgay Arslan: “I didn’t come to leave after 4 months”

Updated: July 15, 2015

Beşiktaş midfielder Tolgay Arslan, who was brought in last winter, had an interview at the camp in Germany. He stated that he talked with his manager and said he didn’t want to negotiate with any of the teams that made a bid for him. While making clear he is very happy at Beşiktaş and with the position he is playing at right now, he also gave his opinion on Şenol Güneş and Ricardo Quaresma.

“I didn’t come to be here for only 4 months”

Tolgay’s father apparently said ‘Tolgay made a mistake by choosing for a Turkish club, he should have chosen for a good European club’. Tolgay explains that his father didn’t mean it like that and blames his poor ability of speaking the Turkish language: “Beşiktaş is a bigger club than a lot of European clubs. My father has been living in Germany for a lot of years now and his Turkish isn’t very good. I spoke to him and he said that he didn’t mean it like that. Of course he can give his opinion because he is my father, but I make the decisions in my career. I am the one that is playing football. It is just important for me, my wife and my kids to be happy and I have to say we are all very happy. I’m happy and proud to be a part of the great Beşiktaş family. I gave the club my word and I have always kept my promise. My career at Beşiktaş has just started. I have signed a contract for 4.5 years and I have just been here for only 4 months. I didn’t come to be here for only 4 months. My career at Beşiktaş is definitely not over yet. I hope we can get to better places as a team. I want to be successful at this club, Beşiktaş deserves a lot better.”

“I am very happy with my position”

Tolgay also gave his opinion on new head coach Şenol Güneş: “He is not only a great trainer, but also a great and honest person. He is trying to make us be more like a team. He is doing a great job working with us and that is the important thing. He is aiming to play offensive football with us. I hope this will be a good thing for us.”

When asked if he is happy with the position he is currently playing at, Tolgay answers: “I am very happy with my current position. I can play as a defensive midfielder but also behind the striker. In my youth I played as a number 10, but in my last 5 years in Germany I only played as a defensive midfielder. My position is that of midfielder, but I love to be the playmaker. I believe that I can be of more value to the team that way.”

“Quaresma is a star player”

“I know Ricardo Quaresma and he would be a good player for us. He is a great player, a big star. Our fans love him as well. We already have players for his position in our team but transferring Quaresma would definitely be of great value to us.”

Source: NTV Spor

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