“Transfer Gómez is in the final stage”

Updated: July 17, 2015

Ahmet Ürkmezgil, who is a member and secretary of the general board of Beşiktaş, has made some interesting statements about the transfer of Mario Gómez during a live broadcast of Radyospor. He also talked about the transfer of Ricardo Quaresma and a possible replacement for Tolgay Arslan.

“Transfer Gómez is in the final stage”

“Our friends are busy with the transfer of Gómez. I believe they are busy with some details of the transfer. All talks about his transfer are in the direction of it being in the last stage, so my reaction will be like that as well. I hope he will be of value to Beşiktaş, I’m waiting for his arrival with great interest.”

 Güneş will decide over a replacement for Tolgay”

When Ürkmezgil is asked if a replacement will be brought in for the injured Tolgay, he replies: “Tolgay immediately had a great impact last season. This injury was just really unfortunate, I’m saying this because of the way it happened. It happened because his foot was stuck in the grass while his knee turned, which caused this injury while he landed. Our coach Şenol Güneş will decide if a replacing midfielder will be bought. Talks with someone might even have already started. Our president will decide the route we will take.”

“Quaresma has changed”

Ürkmezgil had this to say about the transfer of Quaresma: “When I attended the meetings about Quaresma, I found out there were no more obstacles with his transfer. It is said that there are no more problems and he will come. I hope he will be of value to us. He will definitely compensate his behaviour of the last time he was here, because he left while his story was unfinished. He is different now, he will be of even more value to us than he was last time. If our president wasn’t convinced of this, he would not allow this transfer. However, he also sees that his mentality has changed and that is the reason he wants him.”

Source: Radyospor


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