Quaresma: “I don’t want to end my career without a championship at Beşiktaş.”

Updated: July 24, 2015

Ricardo Quaresma answered questions of the press at the Austria training camp, he spoke about turning a new leaf, his goals at the club and how becoming a father changes him as a person.

“The club and I turned a new leaf.”

“I thank the ones who put towards the effort to bring me here. I went through good days here. I had a desire to return. There’s a great team and technical committee here. The opportunity to do big things here is available and I have the desire to contribute to the success. I met up with our chairman. What happened in the past stayed in the past. We’re opening a new page together. We’re talking about now and the future from this point on. I want to win trophies here. The club turned a new leaf.”

“I don’t want to end my career without winning a chamionship at Beşiktaş.”

“Not winning a championship here made me very sad. We have amazing fans. They played a big role in me returning. I don’t want to end my career without winning a championship at Beşiktaş. I’m going to give my all. I showed before that I can do important things. I’m going to do this with my teammates. No player can win a match by himself. I am determined to help my teammates out.”

“Şenol Güneş is a valuable coach. Having an experience with him will teach me. Güneş is an experienced coach who has been successful thoughout his career. I’m hoping that we’ll win trophies together with him.”

“I like the number 7, but what is important isn’t the number. It’s meating the club and fan’s expectations.”

“I like the number 7, but there’s a friend who’s wearing that number currently. I have to respect him. What’s important isn’t the number. I want to answer the club and fan’s expectations. We’re a good team. We have young and experienced players. We’re a quality side. We’re going to play for big targets. We’re going to work hard and have a good season. There’s times where you play good or bad. I don’t agree with the comment of picking matches. I always tried to do my best. My most important goal here is to win trophies. I see a lot of love and respect here. This increases my confidence.”

“I would never play for another club in Turkey.”

“I always tried to stay up to date about Beşiktaş. The team did a good job last season. The championship was lost at the last moment. We’re going to try and do much better this year. Our goal are to win derbies and we need to beat the other teams in the process. I won’t play at another club in Turkey. I’m a big fan of the club and fans. Playing at another team would’ve been disrespectful. I never thought of playing for another club in Turkey. I played at top clubs. I won a lot of trophies at Porto. Beşiktaş is a club where I’m happy. I don’t want my experience here to end without a trophy. I’m ambitious and have a new opportunity in hand to win trophies.”

“Becoming a father changed my life, experience changed me.”

“The opponent’s transfers don’t worry us. Important players coming to Turkey will only motivate us and increase the quality. My friends and I will focus on our job. If we do the right things, we’ll reach our goals. Becoming a father changed my life. There’s a different responsibility that it brought. Experiences changed me. My family has an important place in my life.”


Source: bjk.com.tr

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