Mario Gomez: “I’m going to do everything that I can.”

Updated: August 1, 2015

Beşiktaş’ new transfer, Mario Gomez, answered questions in the press conference that he organized in the Austria camp. Here’s his comments;

“Turkey’s biggest club.”

“I really am very happy. There was a lot of meetings. I tried to make a decision on my future. Everybody told me that Beşiktaş was a very big club and I saw this when I came here. It was important for me to go to a club who was playing for the title after Fiorentina. Beşiktaş is Turkey’s biggest club. Hopefully my experience will last long here.”

“I’m going to do everything.”

“In the last 6 months, I was able to play at Fiorentina. I had a good run. In general, the two seasons didn’t go how I wanted it to go. It was an unlucky start. I got injured and couldn’t play for 5 months. This put a lot of pressure on me. However, I would like to thank Fiorentina fans. They gave amazing support. I also think that it would be like that here. Hilbert told me that Beşiktaş fans were the world’s best fans. I needed a new experience and this is a new place for me. I’m going to do my best.”

“Sosa, Quaresma and I…”

“The most important thing is to contribute to the team and win matches. Everybody knows my style. I show my quality in the box and in front of goal. I know my coach’s expectations. I met my friends, there’s a good atmosphere. There’s a young group. Players like Sosa, Quaresma and I will try and help out the youngsters. If the friendship in the team is good, we’ll be good on the pitch as well.”

“As long as the team becomes champions.”

“I never put forward a goal target. There’s a lot of factors that affects the amount of goals. I would rather score 2-3 less goals and have the team become champions, it works for me. But, I’m going to do my best to score as many goals as I can. I know the performance I can show when I’m healthy physically. I believe that I’ll have a good season.”

“There’s Gökhan Töre and Quaresma.”

“In my best days at Bayern, the players on the wings were Ribery and Robben, some of the best players in the world. Here, there’s Gökhan Töre and Quaresma. They have extraordinary talent. I believe that I’ll have a good partnership with Töre and Quaresma. If it ends up like that, I’ll score a lot of goals and they’ll score goals.”

“I felt that he wanted me.”

“Making a decision wasn’t easy. I had established a good relationship with the new coach at Fiorentina. It wasn’t easy to leave. But, I needed a new adventure. There was offers from many clubs. I felt that Beşiktaş and Şenol Güneş really wanted me. The meetings went well and I came here.”

“The reason I came…”

“Not being champions for 7 years is a long time. We need to put an end to the championship desire. However, Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe are also pretty strong. Beşiktaş’ target is always the championship. They’re a team that aims high and I came here due to this reason. If they couldn’t become champions for 7 years, there’s reasons for it. We need to fix this. We can’t repeat the same mistakes.”

Source: Haber1903

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