Şenol Güneş wants a new goalkeeper

Updated: August 5, 2015

Beşiktaş have set their sights on a goalkeeper transfer.

With the month long camp coming to an end, Güneş handed in his transfer report to the board. Beşiktaş, who’s searching for a midfielder after Veli and Tolgay’a injuries, have also now began contacts for a new goalkeeper.

Şenol Güneş didn’t find Tolga, Cenk and Günay’s performances to be enough in the camp and requested a new goalkeeper from the board.

The board and technical committee have began to create their list for the goalkeeper transfer. It’s expected for the goalie to be foreign and to join the squad soon.

If a new goalkeeper transfer is to happen, one of the current three goalkeepers will part ways with Beşiktaş.

Source: NTV Spor

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