Beşiktaş present new transfers at signing ceremony

Updated: August 7, 2015

Beşiktaş organized a signing ceremony for new transfers Ricardo Quaresma, Mario Gomez, Luiz Rhodolfo, Andreas Beck and Dusko Tosic:

Fikret Orman;

“It was a tough transfer period.”

“Next week is the first anniversary of the passing away of our honorary president Süleyman Seba. May he rest in peace. There’s gonna be some programs about him. We’re going to remember him.

It was a tough and busy transfer period. They wanted to put pressure on us and make it feel like we had to do the transfers quickly. The board members and I didn’t get bothered by this and made transfers that’ll contribute to the team.

There won’t be only buying, there will also be selling. We recently sold two players we valued to other teams. We talked with our board members a lot during this time and I thank them a lot. It’s now all up to the performances that the players will show on the field.

I welcome back Ricardo Quaresma to his home. He’s a player who has become one with our fans. I would also want him to work at Beşiktaş as a professional in the future. I believe that this transfer is correct and I believe that we will experience a championship in our new stadium.

Mario Gomez is an important player. He has a European and Champions League championship in his career. I believe that he will also have a Europa League championship as well. He came to a team who has the most passionate fans.

We watched Luiz Rhodolfo a lot. He has a good character. He was an important player in the league he used to play at. Our kit looks very nice on him. I welcome him with the intent of hopefully seeing a championship.

Andreas Beck was the captain of his former team. We gave importance to experience this year. In the last 7 years he played more than 230 matches in the Bundesliga. He’s a consistent player. We’re happy that he’s with us.

Dusko Tosic is an important name. He played at important clubs at both Germany and England. He turned down many offers and came to us. He knows how big of a club Beşiktaş is.

I worked together with Erdal Torunoğulları. He worked a lot. I thank him. I also thank our 2nd president and the other board members. I would like to thank everybody that helped make these transfers be possible.

Tolgay had an unlucky injury. Veli’s injury also made us sad. Veli will return to the team in a week or two. We’re getting ready for an important race. My 3rd year as the chairman has come to an end and we want success now. We want to bring in 1 or 2 midfielders. We have 28-29 players and the squad will become clear after the final friendly. We want to become champions in both the league and Europe. I think that we can do this at Vodafone Arena.

We have sold a total of 15,000 season tickets so far. I’m not pleased with this number. We want a little bit more interest from the fans. We’re going to play the European, Trabzonspor and Fenerbahçe matches at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. There was an accident at Vodafone Arena unfortunately. We’re trying our best to finish the stadium as soon as possible.

Before the start of the league, it’s sad to see the media trying to influence us negatively. Our players going out to eat on their free days is being written of differently in the media. I’m bothered by these types of reports and ask for the media to be more careful.

Dusko Tosic;

“Beşiktaş is Turkey’s best team.”

“I’m very happy. Beşiktaş has big fans. I’m going to try and play 100%. We want to become champions this season. We’re going to be a good team. Beşiktaş is Turkey’s best team.”

Andreas Beck;

“I’m very happy to be here.”

“I’m very happy to be a part of this club. We have quality players. We want to lift trophies. Our stadium is going to be amazing. The club showed a lot of effort to bring me here. I played at Germany for a long time. It was time for me to be at a club who can become champions. This is why I’m at Beşiktaş.”

Mario Gomez;

“Beşiktaş is a club who aims high.”

“We’re here for the championship. The expectations are high. I hope we can answere these. The president and club was eager to bring me here. Beşiktaş is a club with big targets. The competition isn’t going to be between names but between clubs. We’re working very hard to get ready. What’s important is for Beşiktaş to be number 1.”

Ricardo Quaresma;

“Hopefully we can pull off the target of becoming champions.”

“I’m very happy. Hopefully we’ll pull off the target of winning the championship. During the transfer process we had a positive meeting with our president. I opened a new leaf. I feel at peace here. What we need to do is work a lot and become successful.”

Luiz Rhodolfo;

“My dream to play in Europe has become a reality.”

“I would like to thank my teammates who gave me a warm welcome here. My dream of playing in Europe has come true. I preferred Beşiktaş due to the positive references I got about them.”


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