In the end everybody loses; the tale of a bizarre transfer

Updated: August 13, 2015
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Dara Meral

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3 days ago Beşiktaş was on the verge of sealing Ozan Tufan’s transfer from Bursaspor after allegedly agreeing terms with both the club and the player. The only thing that’s missing were the signatures. Those signatures never came…


Fast forward to tonight, Fenerbahce announced to KAP that negotiations for the transfer of Ozan Tufan from Bursaspor is underway which as we all know basicly means that everything is signed, sealed and delivered barring any surprises.


So what happened? The failure of this transfer can be broken into 2 significant parts;


First part is the ongoing one sided feud between the two clubs. Bursaspor fans are still holding grudges against Beşiktaş for their relegation to the second division in 2004. The hatred is still there and seeing a product of their academy moving to their nemesis’ was hard to swallow so there was massive pressure on their president to not go through with the transfer.


Second part is the ongoing rift between Bursaspor president Recep Bölükbaşı and our current manager Şenol Güneş. (former Bursaspor manager) For the past few weeks there were vicious verbal attacks on Şenol Güneş from Recep Bölükbaşı. Recep Bölükbaşı repeatedly claimed that Şenol Güneş – who was the mastermind behind Bursaspor’s rapid rise – was tapping his former players and telling them to join him in Beşiktaş. Şenol Güneş tried to keep his cool throughout this whole process knowing that a retaliation by him would result in Beşiktaş losing a huge prospect but on the day everybody thought Ozan’s transfer was finally going to be announced things turned sour. Attending a PFA event in Istanbul, Şenol Güneş was repeatedly asked about Recep Bölükbaşı’s comments on him tapping his ex-players by Lig Tv reporter Ömer Güvenç. Şenol Güneş finally snapped and replied on live television that the allegations were utter rubbish and he’d smack anyone who claimed he tapped a player illegally before adding that anyone could become a president one day but being a real man is another story. All was lost.


Immediately after Şenol Güneş’s interview, Recep Bölükbaşı stated in various Tv programs that Ozan Tufan will never be sold to Beşiktaş even if Beşiktaş offered the most money. Never to miss an opportunity to hurt their rivals even if it means buying a player who their coach didn’t want Fenerbahçe (or should I say Aziz Yıldırım) swooped in with an offer (numbers are unknown) and finally broke Ozan’s resistance after 3 days of trying.


In the end, Beşiktaş lost out on a player they desperately needed, Fenerbahçe got a player -who was not wanted by their coach- for probably a significant amount of money after splashing out 8m euros for Josef De Souza earlier in the season for a midfield that’s overly crowded as it is and Bursaspor lost out on a bigger transfer fee and Ozan is forced to play in a team that’s notoriously known for ruining young players’ careers. It’s not everyday you see a transfer story with every single party related attached loses.


Now with 3 days left for the season opener in Mersin and the transfer window rapidly closing Beşiktaş have a huge gap in their midfield with Sosa unfit and two of our best midfield lynchpins in Veli Kavlak and Tolgay Arslan injured for a long time. The only players Şenol Güneş has at his disposal right now are the defensive minded Atiba Hutchinson and Necip Uysal along with our best prospect who up until now never got anywhere near to showing his undoubted potential Oğuzhan Özyakup. Knowing Şenol Güneş’s up-tempo style of play and his preference towards using two number 8’s or in other words box-to-box midfielders in midfield Beşiktaş needs quality reinforcements and we need them fast.