Beşiktaş – Medipol Başakşehir post match reactions

Updated: September 13, 2015

Şenol Güneş: “We played at a big pitch with a strong wind, while not many fans attented the game. Our opponent was a good team too, so we thought it was going to be a hard game. We didn’t give our opponent a lot of opportunities, while we did create a lot of chances ourselves. I think we deserved to win. Our game play still isn’t at the level we want it to be. I want to thank the fans that came to the match today and I want to thank my players. We have 22 players in our squad and all of them can play. The players who didn’t get any playing time today also deserve to play. We have to get used to this, we will get better when we do this without dropping points.”

Güneş also had the following to say about strikers Goméz and Cenk: “Mario didn’t play in 2 matches but he did today. Cenk is one of the best players in our team but this time he didn’t play. Maybe he could be upset but he has to get used to this, just like Gómez has to accept it when he doesn’t play in our next match. He played good but he will get better, because his performance dropped in the second half. Quaresma also has to accept this. All 18 players in our squad have to get used to this. All our players are good but I expect them to get even better.”

Mario Goméz: “I am happy. This was an important win, because this was a hard game. I want to thank Olcay and Gökhan for their assists. I wanted to have an assist as well but especially Quaresma wasted a good opportunity. Maybe I would have shot it myself when the score was still 0-0. We missed 7 or 8 good chances we had to score. We have to become less merciful inside the box. We did do some things right. However, we have to become better defensively, since we gave the opponent the ball too much. 9 points in 4 matches is a good start.”

Atiba Hutchinson: “I tried not to make any mistakes and to give the best I had. We got the result we wanted and this is important. What’s even more important is that we fought like a real team. The goal I scored during the international break didn’t really motivate me, because my role there is a bit different. Of course I try to add as much as possible to the team offensively but my role in this team is more defensive.”

José Sosa: “Today was Goméz’ day, just like it was Cenk’s day during the first match. We got an important win, though we did miss some chances. We have to take more advantage of these kinds of opportunities, because this might cost us other matches.”

Abdullah Avcı, the head coach of Medipol Basaksehir, had this to say about the match: “Beşiktaş deserved to win. We couldn’t play the game we wanted to play. Beşiktaş has a very good team and they have some very important players. I want to congrulate them.”

Yusuf Paklaci

Editor at Beşiktaş International
Living in the province of Utrecht, The Netherlands, where I was born and raised. Student Fiscal Economics at the Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Have been a Beşiktaş fan for many years. Editor at Beşiktaş International since 2015.
Yusuf Paklaci