Beşiktaş – Fenerbahçe post match reactions

Updated: September 27, 2015

Şenol Güneş: “We needed 3 points and we got them. We played against a completely new team and the leaders of the Super Lig. If Fenerbahçe had beaten us or if we had lost points, they would’ve gotten a big advantage. They played a good game, but we played it smart. We did make some mistakes though and we are still making some unexpected mistakes. I want to thank our fans, Ahmet Nur Cebi and Fikret Orman. They have motivated us very well. We are not in the position to pick our matches, we have to beat every team. We want to end the league as the honourful champions. Cenk Tosun deserves to play in the first 11, but he couldn’t start today. Not because I wanted to, just because of our situation. He did come on very motivated later in the game and that is very important. That is the kind of player I want.”

Tolga Zengin: “This is the kind of game you win in your head. I had an injection before the game and it was hard for me. The ending was good though. We are very happy that we won, it was very important. We hadn’t won a derby in 2 years, we very being very unfortunate. This time we were the lucky team. We are very tired now, but we have an upcoming Sporting Lisbon game on Thursday and a league game against Eskisehirspor on Sunday. If we win those games, we can calm down.”

Ersan Gülüm: “We knew it was going to be a tough match, our opponent has some very good players. We have some quality players ourselves too though. We wanted to compensate last week’s lost points. We stood well in the defense, we are a team that is very quick on the counter attack. We scored 2 goals from dead ball situations and had a good start of the first half. We need to mark Tosic as well probably but that’s okay (laughing). Everyone gave it everything they got and we won. We want to give this victory as a gift to all of our fans. They deserved it and so did we. We are now going to enjoy this win. Our goal is very clear, we want to become champions. We want to win the upcoming game against Sporting. I also want to give my regards to Mr. Ersun, he is the reason I am here right now.”

Mario Gómez: “I am really tired now, it was such a tiring match. I respect Fenerbahçe but we fought very well. We got a 2-0 lead but gave it away and it became very difficult then. However, we continued playing a good game and got the win. We have a really good team that can do great things, we can beat anyone. We can do great stuff in games like these if we have the support of our fans. It was a great match in terms of football. Two opponents fought till the end, but everyone shook hands after the game. This was very important.”

Olcay Şahan: “We started the game well, we found 2 goals and our fans were great. However, I should have killed the game with the 3-0. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. We still managed to win 3-2. It shouldn’t have been 2-2 though, the ball crossed the line. I knew we would win today, the past 3 years we lost because we had a young squad and were unexperienced. We have a great coach and played a good game, we are going to continue this. We would always complain about the referee after a derby, now it’s their time to complain a little. They can say whatever they want, we have the points.”

Source: LigTV

Yusuf Paklaci

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