Beşiktaş – Çaykur Rizespor post match reactions

Updated: October 18, 2015

Şenol Güneş: “There are no easy matches. We were hesitating in the first 15 to 20 minutes of the game. They made a lot of fouls. We didn’t play a bad game but we made mistakes. We played in a low tempo in the first 20 minutes and gave them a chance. However, we were the better side after those 20 minutes. We need to create more chances. If you look at the game in general we deserved the win. The referee influenced the players when we scored our goal. I’m saying this looking at the flow of the game. We were more effective in the second half, we didn’t have an effective attack in the first half. Olcay worked hard but we put on Quaresma, who is a different kind of player. Quaresma maybe didn’t work as hard but he was very effective. Sosa lost a lot of balls, despite playing a good game. That happens. We played on this pitch for the first time and didn’t have a lot of fans today, but they tried to support us. Rizespor is a good team.”

The head coach of Beşiktaş also criticized the media: “I don’t know what to say to the media. When I don’t speak, they write things. When I do speak, they write different things. All my players were good today. We have a luxury problem in our offence, so we will rotate in our games. For example, Oğuzhan could’ve been subbed off as well today. Sosa had a pain in his foot. Mario could’ve come off as well. Ricardo worked hard today and I’m happy with his game.”

Matchwinner Ricardo Quaresma: “We played a good game and we’re returning home with 3 points. I’m always trying to give the team everything I have, but I didn’t get much play time so far. I’m not happy about this, but I’m always doing my best. I expect to get more playing time and I want to help the team more. If we want to become champions, we can’t do this with individual players but as a team. We can only be successful if we work as a team. I love football and I want to thank our fans a lot because they help me reflect this love I have inside me.”

Ersan Gülüm: “I want to congratulate my teammates, we worked hard. Rizespor started the game well, but the game was more balanced after that. They had a ball coming off the post in the first half, but we controlled the game after that. We told each other during the break that we had to play a better game. I want to congratulate Quaresma, he scored a good goal. We also had a goal that was disallowed. The Piero knows if it was offside or not but I don’t think it was. The referees should be more careful. We are in a big race, these mistakes shouldn’t happen. European games will be played midweek, we are going to focus on this. It has been a good game, our fans also liked our play.”

Rizespor head coach Hikmet Karaman: “Let’s look at the first 20 minutes. Beşiktaş had some good combinations, but we put them under pressure constantly. The first 20 minutes were great for both teams. If you look at the game in general, Beşiktaş is the better team, but we executed our game plan perfectly. When we conceded that goal, all our players were looking at the referee. Seven of my players are looking at the referee, so they’re protesting against him. Would 7 players look at the referee at once? I’m very disappointed about this goal, you shouldn’t concede goals like this. I’m criticizing us. Our eyes should be at the ball, our ears at the referee. We worked so hard, but what did it get us? We are disappointed because we worked hard. If our passing was better, we could have even equalized in the last minutes. In conclusion it has been a good match we have to learn from. Gökhan Töre was the most dangerous player in the offence.”

Source: LigTV



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