Lokomotiv Moscow – Beşiktaş post match reactions

Updated: October 22, 2015

Mario Gomez

“It was a stressful match”

“I scored a nice goal. I would’ve liked to score a second one. It was a match full of stress. We’re happy with the point. We need to beat them at home. We’re in a pretty tough group. 3 teams are in the race. The opportunity to win the match came to us in the final minutes. I’m not too pleased with my performance, I could’ve been better. I’m trying to do my best. I scored many goals throughout my career. The most important thing is to stay healthy.”

Cenk Tosun

“We were the side that was closer to the 3 points.”

“We came for 3 points. We knew that the opponent was good. We gave little chances to a team who likes to attack quickly. We were closer to the win, but a point away is good. We need to win at home. We’re used to these types of matches. A tough match is waiting for us at Antalya.”

Şenol Güneş

“The race continues.”

“We’re leaving with a point. We played against the leader. Both teams played an even game. We could’ve played to a higher level. We had a chance to win in the final minutes. We needed to get more people up top and find chances. The race is continuing. If we win at home, we’ll have an advantage. Everything is in our hands. If we were to win, our chances of advancing would’ve increased. We have a 22 man squad. Whoever is fit physically and mentally will play. I’m going to continue and use my players who contribute.”


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