Tolgay Arslan working tirelessly toward early 2016 return

Updated: November 3, 2015

After suffering a devastating ACL injury during the summer pre-season training camp, Tolgay Arslan has been working tirelessly to return to the team stronger than ever. Tolgay has set his target return date at the start of the second half of the season and is currently training hard to reach that target.

“Faster and stronger”

“I have found the opportunity to improve my body during my injury. This has a great impact in becoming faster and stronger. I’m paying attention to the things I eat. I have lost the 2 kilograms overweight I had. My training is going well. I want to return to the pitch like a bomb. My fitness coach is the German Moritz Klatten, who I have known since the time I played at Hamburg. We have spent more time together the past 3 years so I could become faster and stronger. He has had his education in the United States and in my opinion he is the number 1 in his field.”

“I have started jogging”

“When I came to Beşiktaş during last season’s winter break I played with a bandage around my hand. I played the last 5 or 6 games without the bandage and I felt good, but I want to become even better this time. My goal is to return to the team in the second half of the season and win championships. The first goal I have in this jersey is to win cups. I have started jogging. My knee is feeling a lot better now. I will start running in a higher tempo in 1 to 2 weeks and I will start working with the ball individually in 3 to 4 weeks. I’m going to do a special programme here with my coach from Hamburg. What I do now is: I wake up early and start the day with a good breakfast. Then I jog in a straight line in a low tempo for 3 minutes with 1 minute rest between my sets, which I do for 45 minutes. I continue with jogging sideways and at noon I’m busy with the treatment of my injury. After my treatment I work out by lifting weights for my legs and arms. I have been doing this for 3 months.”

“I don’t have vacation”

“My coach is very disciplined and he will make me train well. I know he will exhaust me. I will be with him for about a month. I will probably join the team whenever he says I’m ready. My teammates will have the time to rest a bit during the winter break in January, but I don’t have vacation. I want to work hard during this period as well so I can close the gap between them and me. I will get playing time during the friendly games and then it’s off to jersey war. Maybe some people have forgotten me. I can’t wait to make them remember me again.”

Güneş has a great contribution”

“Our head coach Şenol Güneş has a great contribution to the team. I haven’t had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with him because of my injury, but he analysises the team well and is managing it great. He is trying to give everyone playing time. He has contributed to the development of players at his old clubs a lot. I know he will help me turn into a better player as well. We have a good relationship. He calls me every 2 to 3 weeks to ask me about my situation. He is a big coach and I respect him a lot.”

“We are now a lot faster offensively”

“During the first weeks of my injury I didn’t watch any football, including the games of Beşiktaş. Like I said before, it was really painful for me not to be on the pitch. That’s why I tried to stay as far away from football and the television as I could. My situation is much better now. I have watched Beşiktaş‘ last few games. We really are playing very well as a team. I believe we will be even stronger when Veli Kavlak and I return fully fit to the team. At the moment it’s hard to make a comparison with last season. The team was great during last season’s first half too, but we had a downfall during the last weeks of the season. It is important to continue playing good football and to win until the end. This team is a lot faster offensively compared to last season. I hope we can reach the finish line this season.”

“Gómez and Demba Ba are both star players”

“Andreas Beck was one of the players who I liked a lot when I played in Germany. He is a good player who always tries to give the team his all and I know he will definitely improve. He hasn’t had any problems with adapting to the team, just like Mario Gómez. Of course Gómez is a great player. I have known him since my time in Germany. He has adjusted himself to the team very fast. He has helped us win tough matches with his important goals. However, Demba Ba was also very important for us. I don’t think one of them has contributed a lot more to the team than the other. They both are star players.”

Source: Fanatik

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