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Updated: November 4, 2015

Toward the end of November we are organizing a Q&A (Questions and Answers) with Beşiktaş star and Canada international Atiba Hutchinson.

If you have a question you would like to ask to Atiba, please leave them in the comment section below, the best 20 questions will be answered by Atiba Hutchinson personally in a video recording!

Do you have a question for Atiba Hutchinson? Post it by the 25th of November 2015 and maybe he will answer your question personally!

The video will be dropped somewhere towards the end of November (no specific date has been set at this time).

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  • Aurelien Celik

    Hi Atiba, you are a very important player for besiktas in middlefield, would you want to end your career here, in Besiktas ? And how do you do to be always running 🙂 ?

  • Matt Keip

    Hi Atiba, as a fellow Canadian, I’m curious to know how hard is to describe to your teammates, who have never experienced all of the crap you have to deal with in Central America, just how hard it is to play in environments in Central America? Thanks and Go Canada!

  • Dear atiba, do you enjoy your life in Turkey, given how different it must be from canada?

    Who do you get along with best on the club? Do most of the guys speak English pretty well? Who speaks the best English among the Turks? Obviously Gokhan and Oguzhan have an unfair advantage, so they don’t count I guess.

    Lastly, given how vital he’s been in the center of the midfield for BJK, is being a long-term Besiktas player/captain/club legend a trajectory he’s interested in, or is he getting homesick and desirous of a move back home, eventually?

    Keep up the good work BJK int’l!

  • Mehmet Uslu

    Hey Atiba! Do you miss playing with Veli in the midfield? Given his and your unlimited energy you guys were dominating the game almost every time. Since he has been injured, your performance seemed improved to me. As a team who likes to play attacking football as BJK midfield pressure is vital and without Veli you’re delivering a two-men performance every game.
    Do you think his absence somehow made a good impact on your game? And what’s it gonna be like when you guys start playing together again?

    I know we have many talented players but in my opinion, our biggest strength was the “double trouble” midfield, VATIBA 🙂 Would love to see that again on the pitch!

  • Ahmet Ünsal

    Hello Atiba,

    When I watch you on tv, I feel very tired but u don’t 🙂 I hope that you will keep that form and strength. I wish you were much younger, how many years did you intend to play professional football? And also, do you want to work in Besiktas after retiring from prof. football? Thanks.

  • mustafa kahraman

    hi Atiba hutchinson çatışmalar başlasın,

    i hope you are doing well. my question is about your position on the pitch. do you like to be with Tolgay arslan or oguzhan ozyakup on the defensive way, i think tolgay defens more than oguzhan. how do you compare them?

  • Erhan Çalışkan

    did you see the petition which the supporters sent to parliament about you?

  • Tahsin Can Baltalı

    What job would you want to do if you were not be a football player right now? What about the lawyer? Greetings from İzmir. You are Iron Man of this team. Keep strong.

  • Ege Yılmaz

    You are like a warrior on the pitch and you have a deserved key role in Beşiktaş. I really appreciate your performance and really love to see you in the team. But I think except you, Beşiktaş have a lack of quality in DMC zone. Do you also think you need another partner out of our recent team, or do you disagree with me?

  • Yigitokkoo

    Who makes your job easier,Veli,Tolgay or Ozzie ?

  • Yakup Börklü

    Hi Ati, or Hutch.. I know most of the people call you Atiba but these two are my favorites. Especially Hutch.. Which club/clubs do you support in Europe? I know you played for Copenhagen/PSV and Helsingborg before signing for Beşiktaş. How do you compare them? And about fans, did you know our craziness and passion before coming to Turkey? How can you compare us with other fans that you’ve played for? Do you talk with your family members, friends or recent teammates about us ? And lastly, I can assume that football is not the most popular sport in Canada. How hard was it to get interest from European clubs and get signed up from that far away?

    Thanks for the hard work you made in matches, keep it up Hutch!!

  • Eren

    being 32 years old, how much longer do you think you can carry on playing football? Also, do you feel you are physically getting insufficient?

  • volkan celik

    as much as i speak to Toyaa she still doesnt tell me the answer, so ill ask you hoping you will answer, are you human ? what do you eat to be able to work like a tank every match ? 🙂

  • zeyneb

    hey, it is a simple question that wondering what is your most favourite moment in the field playing for Beşiktaş?

  • Evan Cook

    As you may be nearing the end of your career would you ever be open to a move to Toronto FC? Watching you play for Canada recently I have seen how great you still are technically and physically and I think we need a homegrown player with talent just like yourself. Could you see yourself playing for Toronto?

  • Alan

    Hey Atiba. I’m curious about whether you change your gameday preparations when you play on turf as opposed to grass? Do you have a preference for either surface?

    What is the coldest temperature you have ever played under? What is the coldest temperature that you would feel comfortable playing in?

  • Niall Bezeci

    Who inspired you growing up and what advice would you give to young football players?
    Thanks and keep the great performances coming!⚽

  • Ümit ŞAHAN

    Why do you frequently try shoot and make score I think you have enough capacity to do this easily. Just try you are real legend and blakck eagle. Be brave.. Just shoot the ball