Bursaspor – Beşiktaş post match reactions

Updated: November 8, 2015

Şenol Güneş: “We played against a good team with good players after our European game. This was the first time this season that a team played better than us and was close to the win. We had the intention and will, we were eager to win, but our opponent played a better game. The score was in our favour though. This is the first time in 11 games this season we were lucky. We will not forget this game.”

Head coach Gunes continues: “I could’ve let Necip play instead of Sosa or Oguzhan. I subbed Necip on to control the midfield. Olcay contributed a lot to the team today. Quaresma worked hard as well. Our opponent can’t come at us with our style of play combined with Gómez, Quaresma and Oguzhan playing energetic. What we did isn’t important. We needed 3 points and we got them.”

Oğuzhan Öyakup: “Bursa is a difficult away game. I have played 4 games here and have won 3 of them. The game started balanced, then they tried to put pressure on us with the support of their fans. When we broke that pressure it was hard to create good chances, but we did so after Cenk and Olcay came on. We were lucky to score a magnificent goal in the last minutes of the game with beautiful passing. The substitutions helped us.”

Olcay Şahan: “The away game against Bursaspor is always tough. The spirit of our fans was here today. We started the game uneasy. The game was pretty even, it was exciting like last season. We’re returning as victors with a last minute goal of Oguzhan. It was hard for me the begin on the bench since this didn’t happen to me a lot of times in the past years, but the important thing was to grab 3 points. I will always give everything I have during the playing time my coach gives me.”

Bursaspor head coach Ertuğrul Sağlam: “We had a good team against us today. They have a good squad and they have been playing well and organized since the start of the season. My team played in a fashion that didn’t deserve a defeat. We didn’t give our opponent many chances. Besides Gómez’ chance early in the game they only had a few chances with rebounds. We could have and should have created more by giving a good final pass. The last minute goal has disappointed us. We lost 1 point. I’m happy about the game of my players. I congratulate Beşiktaş. They have done a good job by getting 3 points from a difficult away game. Nothing abnormal happened between me and Gökhan Töre. It is normal to have discussions during the tension of a soccer game.”

Source: LigTV

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