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Updated: November 8, 2015

Complete silence among the several thousand fans gathered at the stadium in Bursa, today was the greatest sound for our ears. All thanks to a beautiful action and goal from Oguzhan Ozyakup in final minutes of the game. For Besiktas it was a great moment but honestly an undeserved victory on the night. Why did our game look as bad as it did? What’s the reason that at the end we can celebrate? And if we’re playing this way will it lead us into a dead end? Let’s try to answer these questions right here in what will be the first of hopefully many in depth analysizes of Besiktas’ league games.

The 12th man – Were they important today?

I started the previous paragraph with the fans, we will proceed with this topic right at the start. Both teams started this match carefully, and most of all they didn’t want to concede a goal. Bursa began to take the initiative after the first several minutes, when there were fireworks thrown at our players Gökhan Töre and Ricardo Quaresma. The referee didn’t want things to escalate and told the players to continue playing, when the situation created by Bursa fans was really dangerous. Is this moment, it made our players frightened perhaps? It’s hard to tell, but the fact is, that after it our play started looking worse and worse. It could end fatally, but fortunately Tolga saved us once, a fantastic flying header from Rhodolfo in the other situations, and at the end even the post was luckily in our favour for us today. Apart of whether the fans imipacted the our players or not, the Green Crocodiles should be more careful checking fans coming in to the stadium. If they bring similar arsenal at Timsah Arena as they had today, then this new, interesting stadium may not survive too long.

Sosa or Necip? Offensive or defensive?

Senol Gunes created a good, stable squad, but it seems like he still isn’t sure, which tactic was better – with additional offensive midfielder like José Sosa, or with this one, who does a better job in the deffence – Necip Uysal. At the start it’s worth to say, that Gunes already did an awesome job with this second guy. Necip, which we all wanted to get rid off in the summer, now he can do a really good job coming on as a substitute, I have seen a lot of good interceptions and he is definitely calmer and a bit more creative on the pitch. This unfortunately doesn’t mean that our coach should choose him. Sosa is an irregular performer, but still he’s able to do big things. The problem is, that regardless of the player that starts the match, he is ussualy changed with the second guy in the first minutes of 2nd half. There is no good choice. Today Sosa started in the first eleven, had some nice tries from distance, but ultimately he did nothing special. When Necip comes on the pitch, he also did not impress much, but had one crucial interception which was hugely important towards the end of the match. This problem we have will be solved only when Tolgay and Veli will be back in the team. Now remains us to believe, that Gunes choosing between Sosa and Necip before every game will have a little bit of luck.

CB problems commin’

Milosevic today wasn’t even on the bench. Pedro Franco is treated by Senol as a persona non grata. So now we had a question – who can replace Ersan, if his injury would be serious? Our defender, who in my opinion has done a really good job so far this season(often better than Rhodolfo, but I know, that many of you won’t agree with me in this part), had a problems with his hand after a fall on the ground in today’s game. It looks painfull, but Ersan is a tough guy, so knowing the situation with our CBs in the team, he stayed on the pitch, and being carefull about his injured wrist, he played to the end of game. It deffinitely doesn’t mean that he’s fine and can play in the next game. This potentially gives us a huge problem. If Milosvic and Franco aren’t ready to play in the first team in Gunes’ opinion, then who can replace Ersan? Dusko Tosic? The same man who lost his place in the squad to a – by many fans – forgotten Ismail (fortunately, he has been playing some decent football)? I don’t think so. Atiba? No, Senol is not Slaven Bilić, who at RB position tried almost every player in the squad. So who? We don’t have a long-term reception and in this winter we really need to strengthen this position. I know that many of you will say, that we need world-class, foreign defender. Unfortunately, I can’t agree. The ideal replacement for Ersan played today against us, and I hope that this was the last BJK vs. Bursa clash, which he plays as a Green Crocodile. Yes, I’m talking about Serdar Aziz.

Sense gives victories

Oguzhan’s goal was of course the most important moment of today’s clash. However, the decision, without which there can’t even be Ozzy’s goal, was taken earlier. I spoke about Cenk Tosun replacing Mario Gomez. A lot of times, when we need to score, we see the situations when coach puts the other forward on the pitch. At the effect, 2nd line ceases to exist, and creating situations starts to be harder than before substitutions. Today Gunes has done great, a smart thing – replacing our superscorer Mario Gomez by Cenk Tosun (who is also a great striker) he maintained the status-quo. We then had guys with lot of power and willingnes at the front, while still executing the same, well-trained tactics. The effects were the best possible, and even if Cenk didn’t do antyhing important in the form of a deciding action, his instincts and his movements created the opportunity for the goal to be scored


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