Şenol Güneş has harsh words for Bursaspor

Updated: November 9, 2015

Beşiktaş won their away game in Bursa with a 0-1 scoreline after a last minute goal from Oğuzhan Özyakup. Bursaspor’s former and Beşiktaş‘ current trainer Şenol Güneş already had a clash with Bursaspor president Recep Bölükbaşı during the transfer window: the president claimed that Güneş tried to lure Bursaspor players to Beşiktaş by ‘messing with their heads’. After yesterday’s game Güneş was asked about the swearing of the Bursaspor fans that was aimed at him. He was also asked if he still thought that “Istanbul’s air is dirty”, something he said while being a Bursaspor trainer. Güneş replied in a harsh manner:

“I love Bursaspor and I love Bursa. I have worked here with good intentions and have made the biggest contribution in my football career to Bursaspor. Today that is bearing its fruit. Don’t confuse me with other trainers. Bursa’s air is clean. The swearing hasn’t made an impact on me. I’m disappointed, not for myself but for Bursaspor. I don’t want to bring certain things up. Your captain begged me to come to me. I then called my president and said we shouldn’t buy him. It’s not my intention to bring this up, but lies run away from the truth and darkness flees from the light. Even when the sun (“Günes”) is alone, it lights its surroundings. Crows fly in a crowd, Eagles fly alone.”

Bursaspor spokesman and media director Suat Paçacı confirmed that the player Güneş was talking about is Volkan Şen, who moved to rivals Fenerbahçe during the summer.

Source: DHA

Yusuf Paklaci

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Yusuf Paklaci