Beşiktaş – Skënderbeu post match reactions

Updated: November 26, 2015

Cenk Tosun

”The 3 points were what was important.”

“I could’ve scored 4 more goals, but getting the 3 points was the most important thing. We are now leaders. We want to get at least a point in the final match and advance. We have a good squad. The team’s physical condition is good. I don’t think we’ll have a tough time playing matches back to back. I also want to contribute to the team against Akhisar.

Ismail Köybaşı

“We’re happy to be the leaders in the group.”

“We’re happy to be the new leaders. We’re not conceding goals in the recent matches. We played well. We weren’t that good in the 1st half, but played better in the 2nd half. I hope my assists will continue. We need to come away with a win in Lizbon. If we’re well-motivated, I think we’ll get the points that’s necessary for us to advance. Everything is going well and I’m aware of my responsibilities.”

Şenol Güneş

“We played to win and won.”

“Different results have appeared in the group. All 3 teams still have a chance. We went out on the field to win. We want to get at least a point in our final match and advance. Our pass completion percentage was low in the first half. We were the side that had the most chances. We’re playing more dominant than our opponents. However, if you waste your chances to score, the opponent could take advantage of that.”


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