Filip analyzes: Kayserispor vs Beşiktaş

Updated: December 5, 2015

Maybe it was not a dream attitude, but fortunately Beşiktaş quickly returned to the road of victory after stumbling against Akhisar. We had some worse moments in this game, but finally victory deservedly landed on our side. Let’s check who has done the biggest job here and if any other huge thing happened (spoiler: there is, Super-Mustafa is back!).

Match of great goals

At the stadium in Kayseri (it doesn’t really matter where as usual, our supporters were louder – I love this) today we had really beautiful goals. At the start it’s worth saying that José Sosa, who did a fantastic job with both our goals, probably played a better first half than any of our players this season (unfortunately, the 2nd half he wasn’t that good). He sent some great passes (after one of it Mario Gómez showed that sometimes he’s really one of the best strikers in the world, perfectly danced with the goalkeeper and defenders and scored a nice goal) and famously cheated our opponent scoring the second, which was as it turned out the decisive goal. When Sosa showed something to Besiktas players before the free kick, I sensed what he would be trying to do. He had already tried it this season. This time, fortunately, it came out perfectly. Ok, the goalkeeper made a mistake, but you have to admit that Sosa scored perfectly.

On the other side, while Sosa played a perfect first half, it was also the worst 45 minutes of Ismail Köybasi since he’s back in our starting eleven. It was his fault that Kayserispor equalized. Ismail didn’t mind the offside line and stayed close to goal, when our opponent had a mass of happiness and … Biseswar. This player can be great, showed it before Kayserispor relagated, and confirmed it last season in the 1.Lig. Today, he did what he was supposed to do … the prettiest possible way.

Life without Oguzhan, Quaresma and Ersan

Life without Oguzhan, Quaresma and Ersan is possible. A combination of Necip and Sosa create some gaps in the midfield however. The first is too defensive, the second too offensive. Ozzy is able to combine these elements together and does a great job as a playmaker, but if Sosa did play that good of a first half, and Necip, as almost always this season, also did a good job, we have to say it – our midfield without Oguzhan didn’t look that bad. But ok, I also feel more comfortable when this guy is on the pitch. When Veli and Tolgay will return to the game, we will get really powerful competition in the centre.

Quaresma, who just like Oguzhan was suspended because of a yellow card suspension, is that unpredictable, that I (even if I’m a huge fan of him) for the sake of peace prefer to watch the wings with Olcay and Gökhan. Unfortunately Töre still has some injury problems with his legs, so we’ll probably need him and a finally better playing Kerim in the upcoming weeks.

Meanwhile, Dusko Tosic still does a really nice job as Ersan’ deputy. Of course, I also would prefer to see Milosevic or Franco in his role, but the experienced player didn’t give any reason to change him. Let us hope that Rhodolfo, who unfortunately also had some problems today after one of his clashes, will stay in the first squad. A duo of Tosic and Milo doesn’t sound too confident.

Breaking – Pektemek is back!

Mustafa Pektemek in the House… Pektemek, the First of His Name, the Unburnt, King of the penalty box, Prince of outstanding goals and the First Men, Khal of the Great Grass Pitch, Man with a titanium plate in his face, future Real Madrid star, and probably Father of Dragons IS BACK! He played 8 awesome minutes, touched the ball three times and got a yellow card. It was his 2nd performance this season. Let us hope that with him catching yellow cards at this rate, he will have to pause and in the upcoming transfer window finally will have his inevitable transfer to Real Madrid. Ekhem, winter is coming.

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A few numbers:

  • We come back to win after stumbling against Akhisar. That meeting was our first official match without a goal since … a period over 7 months! How long will we hold out this time?
  • Eto’o and Gómez’ goal-scoring duel continues. Our striker has scored 10 in this SL season. The Cameroonian, who today scored in his 7th game in a row, has 12.
  • ‘King of passes’ Atiba Hutchinson ended the match with a 91,1% pass accuracy and once again was the best in the game of all players who were in the starting line-up.

Best player of the game (from José Sosa with 8.87 rate, one goal, three key pases, 69,4% PA and 78 touches.

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