Kayserispor – Beşiktaş post match reactions

Updated: December 5, 2015

“We couldn’t keep the ball in possession”

Şenol Güneş: “Our opponent had been playing well in the last couple of weeks, which gave them confidence. We scored 2 goals against a Kayerispor that is aggressive and gives away few chances. We could have created more chances and we could have scored more goals. We grabbed the win we deserved. There was a hot atmosphere in cold weather. The 3 points were important for us and I congratulate my players. We panicked after we conceded an unnecessary goal. Our opponent started taking more risk after our second goal. Their attackers had conditional problems. While we exploit these opportunities well, we found it difficult to keep the ball in possession. Some players will be worn out. Gökhan played one half last week, he was good in some parts of today’s game. We want to get through this week without wearing ourselves out. We have a Sporting game on Thursday and immediately after that a game against Galatasaray.”

“You would normally cross the ball”

José Sosa: “We started the game well but ended with difficulties. We scored the first goal and took the lead. While we were looking for a second goal we conceded the equalizer. Then the difficult minutes started. We found our second goal but the last phase of the game was very hard. My free-kick was taken from a position where you would normally cross the ball. I gathered my teammates in a position where you would feel I would cross the ball, but when I stood behind the ball I decided to shoot on goal and it went in.”

“We should be more careful on the counter”

Andreas Beck: “We are very happy that we won this important game. We missed a few important players today. We couldn’t play our usual game, but we fought. Kayserispor played well. If we would be more careful on our counter attacks we could score a lot more goals, but after all we won the game. I’m happy that I ended the game without receiving a yellow card. The game against Galatasaray is very important too us. If our coach lets me play I will be on the pitch against them.”

“I was in pain during the entire game”

Luis Rhodolfo: “It was a difficult game. They put us under pressure from the beginning until the end, but we know how to play in away games and we grabbed the result we wanted. I was in pain during the entire game. I was treated during halftime. Thursday we will play a very important match. This is the only match on our minds right now.”

Source: LigTV


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