Why David Ospina joining Beşiktaş makes sense

Updated: December 10, 2015

Someone mentioned David Ospina into their tweet about joining the biggest club in Turkey, Beşiktaş. The 27 year old liked the tweet before other black and whites fans started to mention him in their tweets aswell. David then went on to a liking spree that related to anything about him and Beşiktaş. This could be a sign of Ospina being discontent with his benchwarmer status at Arsenal. It seems like he’s pushing for a move to Turkey in the winter transfer window and follow in Óscar Córdoba’s and Fayrd Mondragon’s footsteps. These goalkeepers were his mentors while he was younger. Could they be the reason why David Ospina has an interest in joining Beşiktaş?

David Ospina 12:10

David Ospina managed to dispatch Wojciech Szczęsny to the Arsenal bench last season, but with the arrival of Petr Cech he now finds himself on that same bench.

Ospina and Cordoba 12:10

A 21 year old David Ospina (left) and a 39 year old Óscar Córdoba (right) during the 2010 FIFA World Cup qualifiers.

Óscar Córdoba played in the 1994 FIFA World Cup for Colombia and at the time he was playing for América de Cali. He then left in order to join the Boca Juniors for four years and won the Copa Libertadores twice while in Buenos Aires. He then left for an adventure in Europe to play in Italy for Perugia Calcio for just 6 months. After that he left to play in Turkey for the Black Eagles, Beşiktaş. Where he spent four seasons and where he’s still being considered as a legend by their fans. He made more than 140 appearances for the Black Eagles, winning the historic championship in Beşiktaş’ centenary year (2002-2003 season), conceding only 16 goals in 33 league appearances. Óscar still has a soft spot for Beşiktaş and he’s cheering them on from Colombia. Óscar and David trained together back in 2009 for the Colombian National team. David at the time was just 21 years old while Óscar was 39. Ospina once mentioned that Córdoba was giving him some pointers about playing under pressure. This past week Óscar tweeted to David and told him to join Beşiktaş. Could he be the reason why Ospina is leaning towards the Black Eagles?



Ospina and Mondragon 12:10

Faryd Mondragon (ex-Galatasaray) and David Ospina during the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil.

Another possible influence on Ospina, Faryd Mondragon, won two international titles with Independiente back in 1995. He then played in the 1998 FIFA World Cup for Colombia. He left for a European adventure to play for Real Zaragoza in Spain and went back to Argentina a year later. He then went back to Europe to play for FC Metz in France, for one season and before joining Galatasaray in the summer of 2001, Istanbul neighbours and fierce rivals of Beşiktaş. He made more than 180 appearances for Cimbom. Faryd is also being considered as a legend for them as Óscar is for Beşiktaş. David Ospina, Faryd Mondragon and Camilo Vargas were the three main goalkeepers that were called up the most for the 2014 FIFA World Cup qualifiers. Faryd certainly functioned as a mentor for the two younger goalkeepers. Perhaps he could also be a reason for Ospina to lean towards a move to Turkey and Beşiktaş?



Beşiktaş fans seem to have lost patience with their current number one, Tolga Zengin, after costing them the round of 16 in the Europa League last season. He recently made a huge blunder against Akhisar Belediyespor, causing the Black Eagles’ second defeat of the season.

Beşiktaş could be the perfect club for David Ospina to further showcase himself and develop in to an even better goalkeeper. The club has been struggling to find an excellent keeper ever since the departure of Óscar Córdoba and Rüştü Reçber’s retirement. Hakan Arikan, Cenk Gönen and Allan McGregor never managed to fill the void left by Córdoba or even Rüştü. And the Black Eagles’ latest goalkeeper transfer, Tolga Zengin, who is now in his third year at the club, seems to have lost most of his credit with the fans. David Ospina seems to be the ideal keeper to replace the 33 year old Tolga. Last season, David Ospina managed 8 clean sheets in 18 appearances in the English Premier League for Arsenal. At one point of the season, David Ospina was actually the best keeper in the league. Arsenal then bought Petr Cech in the summer and David lost his starting place and was relegated to the bench. The Colombian wants to become the number one again. But the Arsenal fans have been turning their backs on Ospina for a mistake or two in the Champions League earlier this season. Ospina knows that Beşiktaş fans will appreciate him and stand behind him no matter what, in fact Ospina has been high on both the club’s aswell as the fan’s wishlist since 2012 when they almost signed him but ended up signing Allan McGregor because they couldn’t get the funds together to pay the transfer fee demanded by Nice at the time. (This was during the “FEDA” season and funds were very limited at the time.)

In my opinion, this would be a fantastic move for him because he will retrace Oscar Cordoba’s steps. The Turkish League is a competitive league and the Black Eagles are currently competing in the Europa League. There’s a possibility for him to start every game for Beşiktaş and finally give them a secure keeper between the sticks again, something they haven’t had for many years.

Via @iozturk_1634

Beşiktaş fans are so eager to see Ospina at their club, that they’ve already started buying shirts with his name on it. (picture via @iozturk_1634 on Twitter)

 The chance of Ospina joining Beşiktaş does not seem unlikely at all. He seems quite eager to make the move and the club themselves have been keeping a close eye on him for several years. If Arsenal are willing to let him go, there seem to be little to no obstacles in the way of a transfer this coming January. With Deportivo La Coruña’s goalkeeper Fabri going down to a knee injury and being out for the remainder of the season, it seems that David Ospina has become the number one candidate for the Black Eagles. Beşiktaş were close to signing former Barça keeper Victor Valdéz over the summer, but a move ultimately broke down during the final days of the transfer window. Beşiktaş goalkeeper coach José Sambade is very high on Fabri, whom he worked with prior at Deportivo, but with the 27 year old Spaniard suffering another injury setback it would be a surprise to no one if Beşiktaş now turn to David Ospina. It’s no secret that Óscar Córdoba is pushing his former pupil David Ospina towards a Beşiktaş move and while Mondragon played for one of their biggest rivals, it doesn’t seem entirely unlikely for him to have given Ospina positive advise concerning a potential move to Turkey. A David Ospina move to Beşiktaş seems to have been in the making for several years now and perhaps finally the stars have alligned for that to happen.
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